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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

October 31st 1974 : Texada Island, British Columbia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Texada Island, BC, Canada

Date: October 31 '74

Time: 10 pm

Number of witnesses: 4

Number of objects: one (1)

Shape of objects: unknown, only lights visible

Weather Conditions: clear, no wind

Description: walking home along the coastline of Texada, I noticed some lights, red and white, hovering about 100-200 feet above the ocean. I sent one friend back to the cabin we had just left to tell everyone else what we were looking at. a local told my friend that it was probably a flare from one of the comox based planes doing their "exercises". As we kept looking at these lights, we agreed that it was not a flare because of the stagnant position. they (lights) were close enough that it seemed it was coming from one single object. watching for at least ten minutes, the red lights went off and the single white light sped horizontally across the sky at an amazing speed. no sound, nothing.