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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Fall 1975/Spring 1976 : Humber Valley Golf Course, Rexdale, Toronto

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Humber Valley Golf Course, Albion Rd. and Elmhurst Ave. Toronto, Rexdale

Date: around 2pm In the fall of 1975 or the spring of 1976

Approach Direction: Did not see it approach. It was hovering in plain view above the treeline.

Departure Direction: North-west departure.It tilted to a 45 degree angle. There was combustion and it was gone in about 3 seconds.

Witness Direction: We were standing on the corner of Albion and Elmhurst looking accros Albion Rd. into the golfcourse.

Description: It was metallic gray, shaped like 2 soup bowls, one on top of the other with rims together. it had 3 rows of white lights around the middle which were lighting in sequence, one after the other. It hovered. It moved to the left and then over to the right. It started to come towards us and we grabbed a hold of each other in fear and it stopped. I felt that it knew we were watching. It hovered down towards what I thought was the Humber River. It seemed to be checking it out. It came closer again and seemed to show us what it could do with it's hovering and then it tilted to a 45 degree angle. There were no visible signs of a front or back, but when it shot off there was combustion from the lower tilted part of the ship. It was extrmely fast and disappeared afer a couple of seconds. A lady was walking up Albion and I ran up to her an said with dismay "Did you see that?" and she said also with dismay,"yeah!" A police car pulled into the little plaza right after. I told my boyfriend that we should tell him but decided not to. We were afraid he would think we were nuts or on drugs. We weren't! I want to find my old boyfriend again so I can collaberate this truth. I haven't seen him for 30 years.