June/July 1975

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: Schomberg, Ontario, Canada

Date: June or July, 1975 early evening (dusk)

Approach Direction: from above

Departure Direction: south and followed horizon east

Witness Direction: south

Description: It was around dusk - I was looking out the front window from which I could see across the road into an empty field. Very suddenly a small ball shaped object seemed to drop out of the sky. I was about 100 feet away. It had rotating lights, red, white, blue. It was about the size of a basket ball. It "played" around there for about five minutes. It would hover about 10 feet above the ground, then suddenly take off to the west or east, and stop, then go up and come back down, all of this was done with incredible speed. I thought of going outside onto the front porch, but as what I was seeing started to sink in, in otherwords, I knew this was no weather balloon, I decided not to. What really brought the whole thing home to me was the next day, I heard on the radio that there were numerous sightings from Nobelton, Ontario, which is about 10 miles south of Schomberg. I believe that what I was seeing was some type of "probe" - an exploratory device. (but who knows!)

Color/Shape: red, white, blue rotating lights basket ball shaped

Height & Speed: incredibly fast

TV/Radio/Press: reported on radio, possible 1050 chum?


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