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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Summer 1975 : Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario

Location: Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario

Date: Summer 1975

Time: Night

Number of witnesses: 3

Number of objects: 1

It was in the summer of 1975. I was fifteen years old.

A Male friend of mine was teaching my girlfriend to drive and I was tagging along. It was at night and we were driving around Finch and Steeles, north east Scarborough, just north of the Metro Toronto Zoo which was under construction at the time and not open.

He noticed a big light in the sky and asked "What is that!? Do you see that light? There is nothing over there though!?" He told my girldfriend to turn here and there and make a left. It took us about 5 minutes to reach Ressor Road which runs north of the Metro Zoo to Steeles Avenue. We were driving north on Reesor as we approached the first set of Hydro lines to our east.

There was a huge light above the Hydro Lines, like a thousand street lights all glowing together. It was so bright that it hurts our eyes.

The light hovered about 80 feet above the hydro lines and maybe 100 yards back from the road east of where we stopped.

He told my girlfriend to shut off the car. We gawked to our east at this unnatural sight for a few minutes.

He got out of the car to urinate and being the curious cat that he was, he began to honk the horn of his car. My gf and I stayed in the car, not adventurous enough to get out.

He honked the horn for a few minutes which made my gf and I very nervous but the bright light continued to shine in the sky above the hydro lines, undisturbed. There was no sound, not crickets or a breeze or anything. It may have just been in the heat of the moments when everything is in slow motion when all you can hear is the beat of your heart and the sound of your own breath. But you would expect some kind of noise as the UFO appeared to be drawing energy from the hydro lines. Yet, there was nothing but an eerie silence.

We were stunned and mesmerized in what we saw but did not hear.

The horn honking didn't seem to do anything. So he began to flicker his car head-lights on and off.

It took about two minute before he got a reaction.

The brilliant bright light suddenly went out. All that was left was a dark shadowy transparency. There didn't seem to be a shape in the sky, but when our eyes adjusted from the light to the dark, we could barely make out a shape. We could, kind of, see through it to the stars behind, like a wavy rain drenched window which distorts the view through and beyond the pane. It is hard to explain and was very difficult to believe at the time.

Then three small lights appeared at isosceles triangular points around the obscure silhouette; blue at the middle left, green at the top right and yellow at the bottom right. These lights gave us a better visual of the size of "It" as it continued to linger over and above the hydro lines. It was approx. 100 feet wide and 70 feet in height, holding fast at 20 yards over the hydro lines. It continued to float seamlessly there, the three coloured lights small and solid.

He just seemed more curious at the change in appearance of the thing, but my gf and I screamed at A** to stop flashing his head lights. He didn't listen and continued to ostensibly taunt it.

Then the silent and indiscernible form slowly headed west towards us. I was sitting in the passenger seat with my gf at the wheel. We were freaking out and both scrambling for the middle seat, trying to get as far away from the windows and doors of the car as we could. We were screaming at him to get in the car and get us the H out of there!"

He suddenly didn't look so cool or collected and quickly got in behind the steering wheel.

The UFO continued on its path towards us and stopped over top of the car, maybe twenty yards above us. I was thinking 'This is it, we are going to be taken'. We fell silent and were terrified.

It hovered straight above the dodge for maybe a minute, which seemed an eternity. We had all hunkered down in our seats, our heads stuck out over the dash, craning our necks to look up through the top of the windshield so we could see it. I quietly and urgently told him 'we should go, just drive and get out of here!' Finally he started to drive the car very slowly up the road. The UFO matched our speed and stayed with us from above. A** went a little faster and so did the craft. Another minute passed. Then it shot ahead of us a short distance so we were no longer craning our necks to see it. It stopped for a brief second or two. Still a dark shadowy silhouette, three lights holding steady.

Then it took off! Up and slightly to the north west and we watched it for the full three seconds that it took for it to travel up and out of our atmosphere. We watched the lights travel up and away travel at some speed unknown to us and then it was gone!

That sighting changed the path of my life.

The next day on 680 News I heard reports of UFO sightings in the area.

I never reported it though. Everyone thought I was crazy, that we must have been high or drinking but my friend was teaching my girlfriend how to drive. We were stone sober and we had the most incredible experience of our lives.

I always wanted to go back to see if there was any physical evidence or talk to the lady in the house south of the hydro lines where she had a dog training business. But I never did.

Both A** and S***** refused to talk about the incident afterwards.

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