Late July 1976

Lethbridge, Alberta Three Disks Flying In V Formation

Date: Late July 1976

My sighting of UFOs has baffled me for more than 25 years. The first sighting was in 1976 late July I seen three disks flying in V formation. They were grey in color with a touch of lead. The size of the objects was 30 meters by 20 meters. I scale seemed larger as they hovered 20 meters ahead of me when I notice them. I was on a dirt bike going east as I approached the crest on the hill near my friends house I looked up and seen the three disks they were going northwest in formation. I turned to look at my friends location they were behind me coming over the hill were in shock and stopped I speed towards the UFOs was directly below the objects. I stopped my bike and heard nothing. I turned to towards the UFOS and began chase. The chase didn't last more than 1 minute the closer I got the further they moved silently towards the Belly Buttes lactated on the Blood Reserve and disappeared over the horizon several minutes later. Later that night we heard on the radio there was a report of an Large orange ball of light appeared and speed off into the sky from someones back yard in Lethbridge.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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