Late Fall 1977

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada

Date: nighttime, late fall 1977

Approach Direction: straight down, then straight up

Departure Direction: straight up

Witness Direction: 360 degrees

Description: while stationed with an air force unit of the Strategic Air Command at Goose Bay AFB, I and the men who were there at the time, took part in an actual alert based on the sighting of a UFO. This occurred sometime in the late fall or early winter of 1977 (approx.)

I first saw the lights as they descended straight down over the British side of the installation. The Brits maintained Vulcan bombers on their side of the base, and these Vulcans were sometimes carrying nuclear weapons. The Brit side of the base fell dark as the lights cam close to the ground. I later found out that there was a serious disruption of the electrical grid on their side of the base. The US side of the base went into alert status, and I reported to the CSC (Central Security Control) of the Air Force Security Police. Our commander at the time was a lieutenant. He was on a land line to the posts who were guarding our SAC KC- 135's (tanker aircraft). While I was standing and observing the the hectic scene in the very small office, I noted that one of the airmen on duty had opened up our alert book to a page with a title of UFO alert. I heard on the intercom that the Canadians had launched fighter jets and they were on the way to intercept.

The UFO crossed an active runway and approached the US side of the base. Our electrical grid was disrupted and the CSC went dark. A generator relit the room and the lieutenant was on the land line as our guard was screamingh into the phone describing the object. I cannot recall the details of the description I was more struck by the hysterical screaming of the young black airman. I was informed later the the pilots in the command center (A facility for pilots on stand-by, and a facility which was partially underground) were ordered to respond to their aircraft. They said later that their clocks on the walls of the command center had all stopped. My watch had also stopped, as had all other watches worn by our air force security personnel.

The lights were multi-colored and at first glance I mistook them for a very LARGE helicopter. The air, however, was quite cold and the night was crisp and silent. The UFO gave off no noise.

As the electricity on the Brit side of the base flickered back on... we had lost ours. They went into an immediate state of alert. All kinds of people were responding tot he klaxons, including kitchen personnel, some of whom I recognized.

I left the CSC and took my place among a large number of air force personnel outside in the cold. We watched as the lights shot straight up and disappeared. My understanding was that the Canadian fighters were approaching and the UFO left before it could be confronted.

I and dozens of other air force personnel lined up and searched the ground where the UFO had hovered. We were looking for anything it may dropped or left behind. I was not aware that we found anything. The security personnel who were on duty were relieved and debriefed. The KC-135's were flown out of the Goose the very next day.

We (the air force personnel) were assembled in the bases theater the next morning and were ordered to not speak of the incident. A Full bird colonel flew in from Offutt AFB, the headquarters of the Strategic Air Command, and he ranted and raved about the command to not inform anyone. He threatened all the assembled personnel in uncertain terms. After the assembly, those of us who had watches that stopped were sent over to the base BX to get replacemnent watches. My watch was confiscated, and the replacement is the watch that I wore until I was discharged from the Air Force two years later.

I have NEVER discussed this incident, except with a few family members, and have often wondered if it was otherwise reported. With God as my witness, this is my recollection.

Color/Shape: flashing lights in a shifting pattern. Security personnel who saw it described it as huge. It made no noise.

Height & Speed: extremely fast departure, but it's arribval was a slow descent


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