Bay St. George, Newfoundland

December 1978

Bay St. George, Newfoundland RCMP Witness To UFO Sighting

Date: December 1978
Time: 11:00 p.m.

On the way to a movie my girlfriend and I saw several shooting stars over the town. On the way home we decided to pick up a Pizza. We parked behind the S'ville Plaza towards Bay St. George and the Airport when I noticed a bright light with very distinctive colored lights that appeared to be rotating around the main body. At first we mistook it for the search tower light at the Airport. Upon further studying it, we realized that the tower search light was located quite a distance away and that this object was definitely hovering over Bay St. George, as we could see the lights from it reflecting on the ocean close to Indian Head. We thought that we were looking at a helicopter, but thought that it was odd, especially when it dropped what seemed to be fireballs into the ocean which would go out upon impact. At that point we decided to report the sighting to the RCMP.

A constable from the West St. Division reluctantly came outside where I showed him the object that was clearly visible and had clearly gained altitude (I could see it above the house next door's roof, it wasn't visible from that same point moments earlier. He went inside and said, "Hey guys, do you want to see a UFO?" At that point at least 4-5 more officers came outside. One officer said, "I wouldn't believe this if I wasn't seeing it!" Another said I'm calling ground control at the Airport and the Radar Station as well as Corner Brook. We drove back to the Plaza and watched for another approx: 30 minutes and went back to the RCMP Station to find out more. The officer said that they were laughed at by Corner Brook and by the S'ville Airport staff as there were no aircraft, weather balloons etc. in the area. I said well it worried me that this object was dumping something into the Bay.

The officer said that they would go to the Airport and show personnel there, as the object was still low and possibly not visible because of the height of the hangers. We followed the RCMP to the Airport, they stayed for approx: 1 hour and returned to the detachment. I worked my first job as an Accountant at Shoppers Drug Mart and told my fellow workers about the ordeal. I was confident that the papers would show something, but after 2 weeks of nothing I phoned the Detachment and was told that it was not reported to media because they did not want to be bombarded with telephone calls as had been the case with another NL detachment who went to press and even sketched an object that seemed very similar to the one I reported. I phoned the RCMP Stephenville Crossing Detachment about 1992 to see if they had anything on file about the report, and left a voice message describing the incident. I was very surprised when I received a call less than an hour later saying that they did not retain records that far back ?

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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