Fall 1978

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: K

Location: Conacher Lake, back of Thessalon ON, Canada

Date: Fall 1978 approx. time 8 am

Approach Direction: Coming From North

Departure Direction: Went southwest

Witness Direction: South

Description: First of all this was a kind of unusual experience None of the people involved saw the usual lights or saucer type objects normally associated with a siting, instead it went as follows

One calm, fall morning around 8 am, 1978, 3 Hunters, one of which was my father were standing on the North Side of Conacher Lake. They began to put on their life jackets and put their hunting gear into the boat intending to hunt on the other side of the lake. As they stood talking, all heads turned toward a crashing noise coming through the bush, heading toward the lake.

What could this be my father thought to himself. There was no sound of any motorized vehicle. Maybe it was a moose he thought. Within a minute sounds of breaking branches came out to the edge of the lake where the three men stood watching to see what it was.

To their astonishment whatever it was took off above the lake with a very loud blast, sounded like a jet leaving the runway- he recalls. Following the noise it went up into the sky in a diagonal direction.

To my fathers surprise he had seen nothing he and two other members of my family just looked at eachother in awe. What could this have been my father has never experienced anything like this in his life. So my question is were they so close to something from outerspace. I think possibly.

Any other thoughts are welcome.

Color/Shape: loud and invisible

Height & Speed: approached from the ground went into sky with great speed, such great speed it was not visible to the naked eye.


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