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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

July 5th 1979 : Delta Beach, Manitoba

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Delta Beach Manitoba Canada

Date: 07/05/1979

Approach Direction: north

Departure Direction: east

Witness Direction: north

Description: It was a clear summers evening (app. 10:30) on the beach over looking lake Manitoba. We were with 6 other fiends when a distant light,a little brighter than a star started to make zigzag patterns over the lake. After about 15 minutes of this we all got a little freaked out and set on home to our own cottages. When we arrived at my girlfriends cottage we sat on her couch facing the lake when this light appeared from the right side of the window, still far off but it stopped. After watching it there for 5 minutes we decided to head back into Portage which was 15 miles south and my girlfriend would continue another 15 miles east to her home. As we drove south we noticed this light was now to our east as we travelled south and it seemed to be following us. It was certainly not a star because you could see stars passing by behind it.My girlfriend continued on east of Portage and she said it followed her all the way to her home. That would make it moving west to east.

Color/Shape: White light, distant, no noise

Height & Speed: To distant to tell, moved very quickly zigzagging.