Nanaimo, British Columbia

Early 1980s

Nanaimo, B.C. Huge Black Triangular Vessel Making A High Pitched Hum

Date: Early 1980's

Just a quick note to tell you that when I seen that creature in Campbell River, I can't remember if it was before or after this experience I remember we were playing baseball outside. I had come running out of where I was living, my eyes had already adjusted to the outside light when I had this feeling of looking up where there was a scatter of fluffy clouds. In these clouds I could see 3 bright lights in a triangle shape then all of a sudden zoom they were gone. The next time I had any questionable experience was in the early 80's. There was four of us sitting at me and my brothers house in Nanaimo when the front door fly's open and a friend of ours runs in panicked exclaiming, "there's a UFO outside." We all laugh, yet follow him outside. I first notice that it was dead silent outside. Believe it or not this huge black triangle vessel was at our far left. It proceeded very slowly making a kind of high pitch hum, but not painful to the ears. It proceeds right over the house as we all watch it in amazement. What I found weird was it proceeded to our far left and the tone of it stayed the same, even though it was nearing a half block away. My brother was about to follow the other 3 in the house when I grabbed his shoulder and said to him lets just think in our minds...come back, come back. We stood on the steps thinking come back when all of a sudden the vessel made this tone change like it was slowing down. My mind was on the right track but fear gets the best of us..we ran in the house. Another lost chance to deal with the unknown.

Thank you to the witness for relating his experience.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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