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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Late 1980s : Toronto, Ontario

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Toronto/Ontario/Canada (Downtown - Augusta Avenue in between Kensington Market and Queen Street West)

Date: Late 1980's? (Possibly 1988)

Approach Direction: Overhead

Departure Direction: Unknown

Witness Direction: Predominantly South looking up overhead

Description: I'm making this description in order that someone else might remember some of this.

What happened took place back in the late 1980's, somewhere between 1987 and 1989, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I was living in an apartment building in the West End of Downtown Toronto with my parents (13 or 14 years old approx.) One night (it could have been the late evening, as the sky was dark outside), I noticed a light outside - an unusual brightness to the sky. I went to the window, and so did my parents.

The sky appeared to be lit up as if it was daytime, but it really was in the middle of the night. I remember hearing people shouting and pointing as they gazed up into the sky, although I couldn't see anything there. The only thing I could see, was that the sky was much brighter than it should have been.

My parents were saying, "It's just like the daytime!" and, "Maybe they're shooting another movie." Various film crews are active throughout the city all year.

But I looked around at the ground again, and could not see any cameras, lighting, or scaffolding. Everyone was just standing in the street and appeared stunned, pointing and gawking with their eyes towards the sky - with nothing there but the night sky that looked like the, I think. Yes, it was an eerie twilight-like blue. Like you would see after the sun comes out.

We kept gazing out for some time (I don't know how long), then I remember that the glowing sky went dark again, and it was night time again. I just said, "Wow...that was weird.... I wonder what that was." I also vaguely remember some talk about looking in the newspapers and on TV the next day, as it would probably be recorded there.

The next thing I remember, was waking up the next morning. I got up, dressed, and went to go get some breakfast. The details of the night before were burned into my brain, and I kept dwelling on them - still wondering what had caused night to temporarily change to day, and back again.

As I was eating my breakfast I said to my parents, "Did you guys ever find out what that was last night?" They looked blankly at me for a moment then said, "What what was?"

So I said, "That light last night." I caught them look at each other with a puzzled look on their faces. My mother said, "What light? What are you talking about?".

I said, "Oh, c'mon! You know! Last night...when the night changed to day, and back again! Or at least it looked like that...Was there anything in the newspapers or news about it?"

My father laughed a little, then just shook his head, glanced at my mother, then just stared at me. My mother reached her wrist out to my forehead and felt for a temperature, then asked, "Are you feeling alright?" with a worried look on her face!

I became impatient and angry, so I said, "You guys! Why are you pretending to not remember? You can't forget something like that! That never happens! It's not funny!"

So then they both changed the subject, and didn't want to talk about it. They both agreed out loud, that I'd been watching too many crazy movies, and that I'd either imagined it or dreamt it. To which I replied, "It wasn't a dream! I was wide awake! And so were both of you! And so was most of the neighbourhood! There were a crowd of people down in the street looking up at it! Ask other people!"

They started getting angry now, and really didn't want to hear about it. They said if they'd seen it, they'd remember it. So I repeated to them word for word, exactly what they had said the previous night.

"It didn't happen. It's just your imagination. Don't you think we'd remember saying that?" were their replies.

So, I ended up trudging to my room in disbelief and annoyance at the mean joke they were playing, by pretending to "not remember".

I watched the news and looked through the newspapers, but saw no news story. I just ended up dropping the issue, in order to keep some peace in the house. Although I knew that I hadn't imagined it!

Years later, I asked them again about it. They still deny it to this day.

It has kept bothering me, so in posting this story here, I'd like to know if anyone has had a similar experience. And just maybe, someone can say that they remember this exact same experience at that time, so many years ago...

Color/Shape: Night/Evening seemed to change to day temporarily and then went dark again with no apparent source for the brightenng of the sky

Height & Speed: Overhead and the visible sky surrounding the whole area