Late March 1981

Original Sighting Form Report:

Name: Will

Location: On the beach, Mill Bay Road, Mill Bay, just north of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Date: Approx. late March, 1981 at approx. 01:00 hrs

Approach Direction: From the South by South-East on a Northerly heading

Departure Direction: Due West

Witness Direction: East, with full 360 degree arc of vision

Description: It was a very clear and dark night, being well outside the city, just after a large park, the ambient light was virtually nil. I was sitting with my wife and admiring the stars when I noticed a faint, single white dot, moving slowly from the south across my front on a northerly heading. At first, because of my impression of its altitude, I thought it was a satellite on an odd orbit, then it took a sudden 90 degree turn to the west. It is hard to estimate altitude at night, but the speed was quite pedestrian. Strangely, the object accelerated significantly when it made the 90 degree turn, then slowed down again. It continued to make progress from the south across my line of sight (right to left), heading in a general northerly direction, and made at least 6 or 7 more sudden 90 degree turns. It was the turns that tipped me off that I was watching something that was not a satellite or a conventional aircraft. The sharpness and speed of the turn was clear, followed by a quick reduction in speed again. My wife and I watched this object for approx. 10 minutes, then it suddenly turned to a due westerly heading and sped away at a terrific speed. I got the impression that the object increased in brightness as it accelerated. Not very exciting, but it has stuck in my mind for years. I have seen strange lights from time to time in the sky, but have always been able to figure it out. This one still baffles me.

Color/Shape: It looked like a faint white sphere that grew a little brighter each time it accelerated.

Height & Speed: Being night it was hard to estimate altitude, but if I had to make an estimation I would say in excess of 40,000 ft. The departure speed of the object was incredible - like a missle.

TV/Radio/Press: To my knowledge nobody else has ever reported this. Its the first time I have mentioned it in all these years. They would have laughed me off the job if I had said anything. I still work for a police department so I would like to keep my identity quiet. I guess, after all these years, I just wanted to put it on the record somewhere.

Follow-up Report from Brian Vike:

Good Afternoon Sir;

In answer to your questions -

* The object traversed more than half the field of vision from right to left so I estimate that it traveled, given the estimated altitude, several hundred miles.

* There were no aircraft coming into the airport on the Saanich Penninsular that I saw and no others that I noted in the sky. Most aircraft I see in this area are no more than 2,000 to 4,000 ft up.

* There were no con-trails visible, but then it was night-time. I looked for tell-tale signs such as trails, navigation lights, afterburner signature, but I saw nothing like that.

* I wasn't watching anything around me on the ground, just the light in the sky. If the animals were spooked by something I didn't notice.

* No change in colour. It stayed a soft white. the intensity of the white, the brightness, increased for a half second or so when it made the turns.

* It disappeared behind me over the tree tops and mountains.

* No sound at all. It was a very silent and peaceful night with little wind. Given the rate of acceleration I had expected a sonic boom, but nothing. At 01:00 on the beach its very quiet and I can often hear parties at homes across the Saanich Inlet.

* There were no special events going on. The weather was calm, clear, cool, a great evening that is why we went for the walk. The stars were bright and I know my basic astronomy. I have navigated at sea by the stars and done H.A.L.O. parachuting from 40,000 ft at night, so I know my way around a night sky fairly well. I still live in Mill Bay and to this day I have never seen anything like that again. Not even close. I know this sounds crazy - but, I have always had the feeling it was deliberately searching for something.

Good luck in your endeavours.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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