From Stephenville To Kippens, Newfoundland

Summer 1981

From Stephenville To Kippens, Newfoundland Football Field Sized UFO

Date: Summer 1981
Time: 1:00 a.m.

I was driving home from Stephenville to Kippens after visiting friends (no drugs or alcohol) when I noticed what I thought was a house on fire lighting up the sky, I could even see the clouds that were visible from the glow, it was so intense. I was then shocked to see that a huge object that was about the size of a football field was hovering towards the east towards me and was eventually broadside me. The object was a metallic sort of orange, and looked like a wall of fire. The oddest thing was that it was rectangular in shape, perfect rectangle! It changed direction and moved west, disappearing behind the higher land. I reached my parents house in about 3 minutes, parked and went inside truly amazed by what I witnessed. My father was awake in the family room, as I came in, I told him about this thing that I saw. I went upstairs to the kitchen and to my astonishment I saw the object hovering above the ocean and lighting up the normally black sky. I yelled at my father to come upstairs, he did in a matter of seconds, by that time we watched as the object disappeared over the horizon past Cape St. George!

My father said, "Look, the school at the Cape must be burning!" To which I replied," Dad that's the huge object that I just told you about, it was here a couple of seconds ago!" Two things bothered me about what was my last sighting; 1) I don't remember seeing one other car on the road which strikes me as unusual as even at 1:00am I don't remember never seeing another car, and 2) How does an object of that shape and size fly? I've never heard of a rectangular UFO?

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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