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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

October 8th 1983 : Near Ft McMurray, Alberta

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Ft McMurray, Alberta, Canada. About 1 hour south of Ft McMurray on Hwy 63 coming from Edmonton.

Date: 10/08/1983 about 10 pm mountain std time on a Friday before Thanksgiving

Approach Direction: Hovering Northwest

Departure Direction: west and above

Witness Direction: 4 of us facing north west

Description: There were 4 of us all U of A students packed into my dad's 74 station wagon going up to Ft McMurray to see our parents for the long weekend. The drive from Edmonton to Ft McMurray is a dull 5 hour drive on a straight and narrow one lane hwy. The view is a repetitions of trees and more trees. It is usually an uneventful drive. I drove that night and have made that trip a hundred times and I know every turn, corners, blind spots and signs along that hwy. That evening sky was somewhat cloudy.

We were debating about movies when my girlfriend and I noticed 2 white beams of light shining down towards the ground. Then followed by my other two friends as well. For about 10 seconds the object hovered about 30 meters above the ground at about tree top. The object was about 150 meters from our car. The four of us were silent then one of my friends asked "what on earth is that?"

The object with its two beams of white light moved back and forth as it were scanning for something. I first thought it was a makeshift camp for loggers but there was only trees around. As we got closer, the object shut off its lights and you could see a faint white glow on the underside as it tilted at a slight angle and zipped higher and into the low clouds.

We all knew that was a strange encounter that cannot be explained. This object in the middle of nowhere without any signs of reasoning appeared and disappeared very suddenly. It bothered me for awhile that I stopped myself from calling the airport radar tracking system.

Even years later when we did get together, we would still be puzzled and could not figured out what it was. None of us ever mentioned the word UFO.

Now I am sure it was and very glad that I did witnessed the event.

Color/Shape: oval to round, maybe 10 meters across.

Height & Speed: 30 meters above ground hovering then flew off very quickly.