UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Flag of Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia

July 1984

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Vancouver BC

Date: 07/??/1984

Time: 9pmish

Number of witnesses: Self, as teen

Number of objects: Least 8

Shape of objects: Round and lit up

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear summer night

Description: As a my memory serve's me the funny beginning about this story is my dad and I (but with rest of family step-mom, cousin) head into a motel over looking what I think would be the Lougheed Hwy,not 100% but I think so, plus the topography has changed a lot since the early to mid 80's in the lower mainland (Vancouver as a whole, all municipalities included)plus we were from Vanc. Island, but back to my story, Dad and I checking in was such a humorous memory cause I was 14 at the time, but my old man wanted me portray my age as only 12 to save money on hotel expense, which solidifies my memories time line. We were in the city to check on my siblings well being as she was born in the Childrens Hospital(Vancouver) as a preemie.

But back to what I actually saw, it was later in the evening back when not every room had a/c. I had been restless from the heat and wanted to cool off so this is where it starts , I head out to cool off in the early eve when the temperature dropped a few degrees I remember goin out to lay on the hood of the family car and stare at the night sky and stars. Shortly after I lay there for a while something in the sky caught my eye. That's when I saw what I firmly believe to be something not of this earth.

We were parked behind the motel/hotel and the structure of the building was a little lower than the parking area so I had a really good view of the horizon. So as I mentioned this event in the sky caught my full attention. As to what I saw was about 8 or so small round objects zigging and zagging across the sky line as well as moving from one end of what I'll describe as a persons full peripheral view, as far 1 way to as far the other way you can see in the seemingly impossible time of a second or two, so there they darted in the sky line for probably about 3-5 minutes and then the most memorable part of the whole event was the departure, they all whirled in a circular motion (my apologies for the horrible description, but seams right and understandable) like when a toilet is flushed, all whirling in a tornado type motion from wide to a single spot where they all in an instant disappeared.

Another thing that I can mention is the way they shined and seemed to multi flash from a white light to involving colour. I realize this sounds like a story but it really happened to me that summer night and I could never actually tell anybody, didn't tell family then an I didn't even tell my wife of 24 years probably until we'd been together 15 years about my sighting and I'll go to my grave believing what I saw to be real. I know I was young but not to young to have a disrupted memory. Thanks for reading my experience. Take care.

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