March-June 1985

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Deb Nixon

Location: When I was living in New Brunswick, About 15 mins outside of Fredericton, in the country.

Date: Not sure of the month exactly, but think it was somewhere between March and June 1985.

Approach Direction: unsure....possibly from the east

Departure Direction: possibly towards the west

Witness Direction: did not visually witness event

Description: It was around 3 in the morning...I had been up with my son who was ill. Suddenly heard a sound..electronic in nature...sounded to be right over the house. I was lying down with my son and could see that there was no flashing light or anything like that, as the blind was down, but did allow one to see light and dark. The noise was nothing like I had ever heard before and I was absolutely terrified. I had a feeling that whatever was up there knew that I was aware of their presence. The noise was quite loud, not deafening. I thought it would wake my husband. It seemed to rise and fall in intensity. The whole episode lasted for probably 3 minutes or so, but felt much longer. My son heard it too and asked me what it was. A couple of weeks later I confided this experience to a friend and she said that she had seen in our paper at that time that there were reported sightings. I was unaware of that. I reported the episode to Mr Stanton Friedman who was associated with our local University at that time, and heard nothing more. Please let me know if you have heard of other sightings around that time. I know this was not an actual sighting, but I am sure this was not anything natural. You can contact me by email if you have any questions. Thank you

Color/Shape: just sound...electronic, humming, rising and falling in intensity

Height & Speed: Unable to say for sure....sounded as if it was directly over my house and very close.

TV/Radio/Press: There were sightings reported in the local newspaper around that time.


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