Winter 1985

Edmonton, Alberta Cigar shaped Craft Hovering Over Homes

Date: Winter of 1985
Time: Earlier to 9:00 p.m.

The man called me today and filed a report of an object he witnessed many years back. He said his experience took place when he was eight or nine years old and at the families home back in the winter of 1984 . They lived at the south west corner of the city right on the fringe, which looked out over the fields which were also in that area. From where they were located the fields stretched all the way down to the airport which was a good distance away. He was doing his homework, and he believes it was either a Friday or Saturday evening. Since his folks were going out that night and being a young boy he really wasn't into doing his homework. He was gazing out the large bay window when he saw in the distance over the fields a light that would rise up from the ground into the air at approximately an altitude of a few hundred meters, then drop back down to the ground. This witness continued to watch this play out doing the same thing over and over for about 30 minutes or so.

Later that night when the babysitter was at the home and the young fellow was in bed sleeping, he awoke as he had to use the washroom which was across the hallway. Once he left the hallway heading back towards his bedroom, he again noticed something unusual out one of the large windows. At approximately 9:00 p.m. on this winter night, the sky being dark with the odd cloud which was visible and gray in color. He noticed what appeared to be a large cigar shaped craft hovering over his home and the neighbors. It was apparent the object was rather large in size. It was the faint outline which was really visible and there were a number of purple lights on it. These lights were not flashing, just giving off a steady purple colored light. For a minute there he thought he might have been dreaming, so he went down stairs to tell the babysitter, but she did not believe him and told the young boy to get back to bed. When he arrived back up stairs the object had disappeared. The witness mentioned that this experience has stuck with him over all these years and he certainly will not be forgetting it.

He did tell his parents but didn't exactly believe him and thought he was just trying to get out of doing his homework that evening.

Thank you to the witness for this interesting report and for calling.

HBCC UFO Note: I wonder if the light which was rising up and dropping back down had something to do with the sighting of the cigar shaped craft over his home. if anyone else who may read this story has seen something like this over Edmonton back in 1984, would you be kind enough to write to me and fill me in on what you saw.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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