Highway 304, 100 Km North of Pine Falls, Manigotogan, Manitoba

June 1986

Manigotogan, Manitoba 100 Km North From Pine Falls On Highway 304

Date: June 1986
Time: Approx: 7:00 p.m.

Three witnesses, My Dad, sister and I.
Three Objects.
Three Balls of Light in a perfect triangle.

It was around sunset when I first noticed 3 white balls of light heading NNE. They were in a perfect triangle and moving at a constant velocity. It was moderately cloudy and the sky was a little pink from the sunset. At first I paid it no attention, but I realized that it wasn't man made. There is nothing for miles but bush and Lake Winnipeg from where we live in that direction. See map. I googled it. The Red Circle is we lived and the arrow indicates direction of travel not distance. Distance measurement could not be made as no point of reference. Just bush. The objects were at an angle of ~30 degrees from the ground at about 280 degrees.

If I remember right the evening star was in the South. I remember looking around for the moon and any visible planets. I am sort of a amateur astronomer. The objects were to far to hear any noise. I quickly went inside to get a pair of my Dad's binoculars. I looked at the objects a little closer. The balls had no defining features. I told my sister and my dad that there was something strange in the sky. They had a look. While they were looking the objects did seem to moving very fast so I went inside and grabbed a telescope. It wasn't that big maybe 10cm across with 100x viewing power.

I quickly set up the tripod and focused the telescope. There was still no features although the aura around the objects where changing colors from red, orange, and yellow. The total time watching the objects where about 10-15 minutes. The objects traveled in a straight line with a small downward arc. We lost track as they crossed the tree line just north of our house. We said it odd and went inside. Never bothered to report it, it was in plain sight for many to see.

The whole experience actually excited me, I remember hearing stories of white lights following cars on Highway 304.

Thank you to the witness for sending in the report and map.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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