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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

December 26th 1990 : Near Napier Lake, Hwy 5 old Merritt-Kamloops Hwy, British Columbia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: near Napier Lake, Hwy 5 old Merritt-Kamloops Hwy, BC, Canada

Date: December 26 around 10:00 PM, Pacific Standard time

Approach Direction: they appeared to be stationary

Departure Direction: they did not move as we drove, but the viewing angle slowly changed, showing us that the lights were not northern lights (angle does not change as you drive a car -too distant) and they dropped behind the car in the distance as we proceeded towards Kamloops.

Witness Direction: East

Description: While returning home with our children from a dinner with relatives in Merritt, on December 26th, we noticed three searchlights that seemed to come out of something invisible about 1000M high in the Eastern night sky. The night sky was hazy, it had snowed that day and the roads were slushy. I pulled off the highway to have a better look. Our 5-year old daughter asked if the lights were angels. I said I didnt know, and stepped out of the car.

We had not met any cars that night, nor were any on the road, following us or ahead of us. Within 2 minutes or less, a very clean, white pickup approached us from the Merritt direction, and pulled over beside our car. There two men, who looked like twins, in white or gray coveralls in the truck. The passenger rolled down a window and asked if there was a problem, and if they could help us. I didnt want to point out the lights to them, although I was sure they could see the lights because they were directly behind me in plain view of the occupants of the truck. I simply said "no, but thanks for stopping", the passenger looked like he expected me to say "yes"and the truck slowly pulled away, proceeding toward Kamloops. I got back in the car and asked if my passengers noticed that the truck didnt have any obvious signs of slush on the sides of it. They agreed, and said that seemed odd.

We drove down the highway towards Kamloops (the truck would have been travelling toward Kamloops as well, but the driver would have had at least a 10 minute head-start.

I remembered I had my camera from our dinner that evening, and although the lights of the city of Kamloops were brightening the sky, the three lights were still distinguishable. Near Knutsford, I pulled over again to step out briefly to take a picture. It was an old 35mm camera with not autoexposure so i had to guess at the setting, balancing the camera on the car, and took a couple of pictures of the lights.

Just then the white truck pulled over from the Merritt direction. (remember, it had a 10-minute start, heading towards Kamloops from from where we talked to the passengers 20 mintues earlier).

This time, the passenger rolled down the window and asked the same question: "can we help you?" Again, I said "no", and this time I was a little shaken, because the truck was still very clean, the driver and passenger looked like twins. and how did they manage to come from behind, when they should have been miles ahead of us. There were very few sideroads in 1990 and driving was slow in the slushy conditions.

The truck and two occupants left, again, travelling toward Kamloops. I got back in the car and I didnt have to explain; they all knew it was the same truck and were incredulous that it had driven off the road, somehow, got behind us, then approached from the rear again. We were all nervous as we resumed our journey to Kamloops. I developed the film and the lights were still visible but very washed out from overexposure from the lights cast up into the hazy sky from Kamloops.

I still wonder what the passenger of the truck would have said if I pointed to the lights, in response to his question.

Color/Shape: Three large lights still in the Eastern sky, shining downward - their beams continued behind the treeline on the crest of a hill between us and the lights.

Height & Speed: About 5 km away, could have been 1000M high

TV/Radio/Press: I checked the papers the following days, but nothing was reported