East Prairie Metis Settlement
High Prairie


UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: East Prairie Metis Settlement
High Prairie, Alberta

Date: When i was about 14 maybe the year 1991 or so.

Approach Direction: west to east

Departure Direction: west

Witness Direction: west

Description: When i was about 14 me, my grandfather and an uncle saw 5 red lights in the formation of a V coming from the west at night maybe around 12 or so. We noticed these lights through our front window as they approached the house very slow. The whole sighting lasted about 15 minutes or longer. The lights came directly over our yard very low as we stood outside watching. As they glided over our house the whole yard was lit red and we were able to see around our yard about 4 or 5 hundred feet. The light was a little over the tree line. We could kind of make the object out to be a V but it was too dark. The object had nearly no noise but a buzzing kind of like power passing through a powerline, if you have ever heard that. we watched it pass over our house and in the back of the house there was a field and as it flew over the field we could see the field lit up with a red glow. I am 28 now and i believe in Our God very much and i would swear on his name this is what we saw. This is my testimony that ufos are real unless there was aircraft that could nearly hover in about the year 1991 with hardly any noise. I could have ran across the yard faster than it glided over our house and yard. Since then i have always believed in UFOs and sighting dont surprise me. I dont think any type of flares fly across the sky like this do you? I encourage anyone to share my story with others.

Color/Shape: The lights were red but not really. kind of a mixture of red and violet.

Height & Speed: A walking speed would be best described. and flew just over the tree tops

TV/Radio/Press: My story could be shared with anyone. Why? because it is real.


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