Mount Benedictson, Fraser Valley, British Columbia

Summer 1991

Mount Benedictson, Fraser Valley British Columbia Orbs Dancing

Date: Summer 1991
Time: Evening

HBCC UFO Research Note: I am trying to find anyone who may have witnessed these orbs that were moving erratically over Mount Benedictson in the Fraser Valley, B.C. Of course I am helping out the witness with her project. If anyone reading this note was witness to these events, would you contact me please.

Message: Hi. I am writing a book on a sighting and strange events which happened to me about fifteen years ago. I need to try to verify the events of the sighting, as it was a mass sighting which lasted at least four hours. I was wondering if you have had any reports of the following: It was summer 1991. Five or six orbs of white light were seen 'dancing' above Mt. Benedictson in the Fraser Valley. I witnessed this with a friend as we were driving home on the Lougheed Hwy toward Whonnock, just after midnight. I do know that others had witnessed these orbs as there were people parked on the side of the road watching. My friend dropped me off at home and for a few hours my father and I watched this dance of orbs. The reports on the radio had told two separate explanations- 1) military drills shooting flares, 2) ball lightening. If you have heard of this incident before please let me know or have any other eye witnesses contact me, please. After these sightings strange events began to happen, such as 'sleepwalking', missing time and intense insomnia, and feelings of being watched. Please contact me by email. Thanks!

Thank you to the person for the information.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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