Bells Corners, Ontario


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Bells Corners, Ontario Unusual Lights Formed A Perfect Square

Date: Around 1992
Time: Evening

Hello Brian,

I found your website during a google search of UFO sightings. I have a story I would like you to hear. I am searching for information regarding this incident or others like it. I figure there must have been reports, other people must have seen this. The main problem I have is nailing down a time and date for when it happened. I know I was about seventeen years old and it was a mild evening, summer or maybe fall or spring. I had it marked on a calendar a long time ago and the information is since lost. My parents no longer remember the date either, but they vividly remember the incident.

It was a mild evening as we were driving towards the Bayshore shopping mall from my Ontario home in a place called Bells Corners. My parents were giving me a ride to the Britannia movie theatre where I was to meet up with friends. Driving down Richmond road before reaching the Queensway Freeway - strange lights appeared to the northwest. At first they appeared to be tower lights, like many of the radio and communication towers that spread across the countryside of Ontario. However these lights were very bright and not red as the tower lights usually are. These lights were new. Not standing in a place we were accustomed to. Not connected by metal beams reaching skyward. Their luminescence shone brightly against the fading orange-purple and then deep blue of the sunset. My father was driving the vehicle and my mother was in the front passenger side, and I was in the back. My mother and I were captivated by the lights. We watched as they stood still like new tower lights, wondering what new structures were installed in the country side. They formed a perfect square. They then began to move in Geometric patterns. The four lights switched positions and moved around each other with great speed and precise unison. We were all stunned by this unusual display. My father had pulled over to the side of the road so he could observe them. The lights changed and exchanged positions, one of them had entirely disappeared before our eyes and instantly reappeared far above the others. One fell downward while the other three moved upwards at great speed and disappeared out of sight. They were gone. We were parked at the side of Richmond road south of Silver Spring Farms.

I did make a report of this sighting within days of the experience. I had contacted the local newspaper, the Ottawa Citizen. The newspaper said there have been no other reports. I know others must have seen this, hundreds of people heading westbound on the Queensway would have had this display in plain view. Also, unusual aircraft activity was seen in the area days afterwards, witnessed this time by many people. They appeared to be Military.

Please, if you have any information on similar sightings, I have been searching for information regarding this for a long time.

Thank you to the witness for the very interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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