July 1992 or 1993

Name: Rene B

Location: Between Montbeillard and Rollet (North-western Quebec, Temiscamingue), direction south.

Date: Not sure. Around 1992-93, july, in the afternoon.

Approach Direction: From north-west to south-east.

Departure Direction: Unknown

Witness Direction: South. One car following me. But I don't know if the driver saw it.

Description: On my right side, very low, I saw a big black plane coming. There were no noises, no identification on the plane, no lights and I saw nobody behin the windows. I thought it was going to land at a nearby airport but it was really too low. I lost sight of it behind trees. When I reach the approximate place of "landing", I saw a small lake, calm and no more plane. I reported this to friends of mine but nobody else.

Color/Shape: A big black plane. Carbon like color,no shining of the sun over it. The sky was clear. I open one window but heard no special noise. I should tell you I saw nobody through the windows. It looked to me as a war plane,lost.

Height & Speed: About 2000 feet high, I was driving 100 km/h (cruise control) and the place might be moving twice my speed. About...

TV/Radio/Press: No


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/920700.shtml