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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

Summer 1992/1993 : Falconridge Area, Calgary, Alberta

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Calgary Alberta, Falconridge Area

Date: Summer of app. 1992 or 1993

Approach Direction: east

Departure Direction: west

Witness Direction: South

Description: One summer evening myself, wife and two children ( 8 and 6 ages) were outside on our deck to witness a meteor shower. It was app. 10:00 to 10:30 on a very clear evening. We lived right on the east west Calgary Int. airport flight path and are more than use to airplanes landing and taking off above our heads. Gazing into the sky with no sounds of any approaching aircraft we witnessed from what seemed like a north-south line a object. It was the height of a landing aircraft on final with gear down but it was totally silent and moved at maybe half the speed of a landing aircraft. The shape of it was best described as an upsidedown skateboard app 100 to 150 ft wide and app 400-500 ft long. It appeared from the line to our left slid into full view about us then dissappeared to the right 5 seconds later into what seammed like another line.Jaws open, nothing was said until I said "Did you see that?" We had all seen it. I am seperated from my ex and see the girls only occasionally. However at Christmas last year It came up in discussion and they remember it also like I describe. Hope that someone else has seen our upsidedown skateboard that appears and disappears into lines in the sky. Thank You

Color/Shape: Dark Grey

Height & Speed: Above us, could not tell height but app 100 to 150 ft wide by 400 to 500 ft long.It was silent.