Hart House Farm, Caledon, Ontario

July 1994

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

[Unusual sounds - no actual sighting]

Location: An hour north of Toronto, on the 200 acre Hart House farm owned by U of T

Date: July 1994

Approach Direction: N/A

Departure Direction: N/A

Witness Direction: N/A

Description: My boyfriend and I were camping with friends at the farm. We had all been having a sauna down at the pond and my boyfriend and I were the first to walk up the hill back to our little cluster of tents. It was about 2:00 am.

We got into the tent and were undressing when suddenly there was a very bright light shining against the side of the tent. Not a spotlight. The whole side of the tent lit up. Simultaneously, there was a sound of like a metal hatch opening. So it gave us the impression of headlights opening up. it made a gentle clunking.

We froze and made eye contact.

I remember vividly the shadows of blades of grass and a dandelion against the side of the tent. In the next moments, the light lifted and at the same time a deep whirring/droning sound occurred that quickly went up in pitch as the light lifted away. Then from overhead was a fast and very distinct whooshing as the "spaceship?" took off. We just clung to each other practically pissing ourselves.

We were terrified to get out of the tent all night. The next morning we walked straight over to the big empty field where it would have been. Nothing. We spent half an hour searching for some sign, some disturbance.

The ears pick up so much. I am convinced, and so was my boyfriend, that a UFO was beside our tent, maybe fifty feet away, turned on it's lights, fired up it's engine, lifted straight up into the sky vertically and then whooshed off horizontaly into the night.

What else could it have possibly been?

What an experience.

TV/Radio/Press: I've only ever told friends


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