September ?? 1994

Lestock, Saskatchewan

Date: September (long weekend) 1994.
Time: n/a

September long weekend 1994. Near (south 2 miles) of Lestock Saskatchewan I and 3 other adults saw lights in the sky to the East of our acreage. The lights were off the horizon 15 degrees and close. The lights were changing colours from yellow, green, red and blue and were growing from small to large in a flashing manner. There were three lights in a equal distance from one another. They were visible for at least an hour. The lights were barely over the horizon ( 15 degrees) as the land rises from the point visible by us. There was no noise from the craft or object. The next day there was a report of a reported lost plane or single seater plane in the area, but was reported a false incident as the news pointed out that a Hercules search aircraft was brought in from CFB Edmonton to search for the plane, which was later found O.K. and the lights from the sky was from the Hercules aircraft. My friend and I walked to see if we could tell what were the lights were. We walked for several hundred meters. There was no sound. ( if you ever have heard a Hercules you know you hear it before you hear it. )

We stopped and walked back to the house. ( We video taped the lights but later erased the tapes...we...I was scared... I can't tell you why...however when my buddy and I came back to the house, I looked up to the sky and mentioned to my friend to look up... there was a vortex in the sky right above our heads in Northern type lights like a whirl pool ...I have not told many people of this but feel I have to. I have seen other strange things in my life... but four adults and several kids saw this event. I know others saw this as they reported seeing strange lights to the news media at this time..thus the news release.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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