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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

October 1994 : Alaska Highway, between Kusawa Lake and Whitehorse, Yukon

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Between Kusawa Lake and Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada on Alaska Highway.

Date: Middle week of October, 1994 Approx. 6:00 am.

Approach Direction: Drove on the Alaska Highway..west to Haines Junction, Yukon and sighting in North direction of approach of object.

Departure Direction: Same direction (North).

Witness Direction: Only one witness was facing north while driving toward west.

Description: While I was driving and my son (passenger) slept..Suddenly, a huge white light appeared in between two mountains " V" shape in approx. two miles away from us (North)and unpopluated and wildreness area. Amazed to see as daylight when white light appeared for approx. 5 seconds. My two buddies drove behind us approx. three miles away on our fishing trip to Dalton Post. Asked them if they did see that white light and their response was "No".. It really freaked me out and thought it was a fireball or something but I believed it was UFO because of many UFO sighting reports in that area (Fox Lake area) where it was near the area that I saw.

Color/Shape: Huge "Very" White appeared and spotted at me while driving.

Height & Speed: No details because that hour (6:00 am) was very dark and impossible to see anything.

TV/Radio/Press: No report..I kept my secret until today..

Follow-up report by Brian Vike:

1.) Can you please tell me what the weather conditions were at the time of your sighting ?

Yes, Weather condition was clear and cold.

2.) If you were to make a "guess", would you estimate the object was at a high altitude ? I know you said the object appeared in between two mountains, but do you believe when thinking back that due to the distance away from your location the object looked like it may have been low in altitude but maybe rather high up ?

Good question.. but I can remember clearly..It had been low in altitude between ground and high mountain in between two mountains.(Approx. two miles distance from me and also approx. between 100 and 200 feet high).

3.) You mentioned that you "thought" it might have been a fireball or something to this effect. Was there any type of trail or tail following behind it ? If so, was it of any length or short ?

First thought was "fireball" when it appeared very quickly but I saw no tail following behind it because it was so bright like as big flashlight to turn on directly to your eyes.. It took approx. 5 seconds then disappeared. Amazed to see as daylight when it appeared.

4.) Roughly how long were you able to observe the object for before loosing sight of it ?

Approx. five seconds while driving. Impossible to see it when it disappeared because it was so dark ( 6:00 am) in October.

5.) Were there any aircraft in the area at all, during or after the sighting ?

No such aircraft in that area.. Only see them up the skies (very high altitudes) between south and centre of North..

6.) Did it make any unusual moments ? Or did it stay on a straight flight path ?

No unusual moments and just appeared for five seconds then disappeared in same path.

If there is anything else you might be able to add Lewis, please feel free to do so. Every little bit of detail is so helpful.

Anything that I can think is amazed to see that huge "very white" light spotted directly at my face while my son slept and my two buddies drove behind me in approx. 2 or 3 miles. None of them saw it. If there was a fireball then everyone would see it for sure but I talked about that white light that I discovered same match from another witness that matched very similair with this description. I read and discovered exact description from the book ( Author by Josephine Budda...Headline - " Tales of the Yukon and Beyond" It pulished by The Yukoner Magazine in 2001. They witnessed same kind of light that I saw happened in 1976. Find their page in the book ...pages 30 to 36. Chapter 8 "UFO'S"...That's why I read it and matched my description and witnessing then decided to contact you yesterday. Hope everything will help you. :), Brian...

UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up report.