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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

June 17 1997 : #8 Highway, south of Miramichi, New Brunswick

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: #8 Highway approx. 8-10 km just south of Miramichi (formerly Newcastle) New Brunswick, Canada.

Date: June 17, 1997 at approx. 02:30hrs.

Approach Direction: Flew up from behind transport i was driving it came from the south and was heading north

Departure Direction: took off into atmosphere.

Witness Direction: Was traveling north bound on #8 highway in a transport.

Description: While driving transport truck on my way back from Maine I was just outside of Miramichi( former town of Newcastle) on the #8 highway My brother was in the bunk sleeping and I was driving along approx. 100-110 km/hr. When a large almost football shaped flying object came over top of my truck. At first i thought i was seeing things but after a few seconds realized that I was not there were no cars nor any other lights in the area at the time. The object almost had a football shape to it but at the rear it came to two points and the outer section had the look of mercury while the center had an almost neon red look to it. It was lit up very well but did not seem to light up anything else. It was as wide at the highway was then probaly 50-60 feet across or more. I watched it for about 10 seconds and yelled to my brother as i continued to look at it. Before my brother could get out of the bunk from his sleep I watched it take off away from me into the atmosphere at an astounding rate of speed it was in front of me and with the blink of an eye it was just a speck off into the sky.

Color/Shape: Outside was almost football shaped except the back end came to two points and the center was almost neon red it had not flame and made no noise at all. It did not effect any electrical on my truck. The outside looked alot like mercury.

Height & Speed: When it was over top of my truck it maintained the exact speed of my truck and the when it took off into the sky it was likely going twice the speed of sound.

TV/Radio/Press: not sure. I would like to know of anyone else who would have witnessed this I prefer not to be emailed unless someone has details similar to mine. Thanks