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UFO Sighting Report - Canada

November 14th, 1997 : Whistler, British Columbia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Whistler, BC

Date: November 14th, 1997

Time: approximately 9:20

Number of witnesses: lots.....2 in our car but other friends saw it

Number of objects: it looked like a triangular shape of 20/30 shooting stars...the first one being the brightest

Shape of objects: craft scene,

Weather Conditions: clear night

Description: on Friday November 14th, a friend and I were driving down the highway in Whistler, B.C. (Highway 99--Sea to Sky) and saw what looked like roman candles being sent off on the side of the mountain.

When these objects kept on coming and where very straight in their direction, we pulled over the car and stared in disbelief as this majestic sight was obviously not from this was definetly Unidentified, it was certainly flying, and it was an object, or what looked like a syncronized cluster of shooting stars.

The object was flying up Howe Sound, heading North East as it was flying up from the Vancouver area and it was flying so low, that I thought that it was going to hit Wedge Mountain as it flew overpast. The sight was amazing and incredibly silent.

In Whistler, we have a yearly tradition that's called a "Praise Ullr" party we we all get together for an outdoor bonfire and pray to the snow gods to have a good snow year on the mountain. The sighting occured on that night.

TV/Radio: tried to Contact CNN and others....was reported locally