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UFO Sighting Report - Chile

September 18th 2002 : Angol

SOURCE: Terra.Cl
DATE: October 25, 2002

9th Region of Chile

A number of anomalous aerial phenomena recorded over the area since the month of September. They intensified as from October 14.

ANGOL, October 25: The city of Angol in Chile's Ninth Region has recorded a number of UFO waves in recent years. Reports have been collected by local researcher Raul Gajardo, who presented a full report of the cases which transpired during the month of September 2002. One of the most important cases occured on 9/18. According to the report: a well-known local businessman saw a fuchsia-colored object firing a blue beam of light. "Then another similar object appeared. From this last one, which fired a similar blue beam, three smaller object of the same color were clustering around it. Then all of them "turned off", except for the first object. He saw [this process occur] ten times and later managed to photograph the objects with a powerful zoom lens," states the report.

In spite of the fact that the witness took over 70 photos, the UFO only appeared in four of them. That very same day, two functionaries for a local radio station and two security guards also witnessed a red object having the relative size of a ping- pong ball.

Translation (C) 2002 S. Corrales IHU
Special thanks to J.J. Lopez

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