July 31st 2003

SOURCE: La Estrella de Arica (Chile)
DATE: August 21, 200e


Photographer Patricio Lara was startled a few days ago when he developed photos taken late last month in Paricanota province in order to have illustrations for his website.

Beyond the spectacular landscape, nothing unusual attracted his attention during his transit through the zone. But a few days later, after his return to Santiago de Chile, he began to look at the images obtained and realized that a strange object in the sky had been recorded on one shot. The photo in question was taken in the vicinity of Copaquilla, looking east over the canyon, on July 31 at 13:30 hours, when the sun was halfway in the sky.

[...] We were taken to a lookout called Mallku, from which Chapiquina can be seen in the distance. I found that the landscape was beautiful, so I started taking pictures, panning with a Nikon camera using an 80-200 mm lens and Fuji 100 ASA slide film." he said.

According to his testimony, neither he nor the people with him saw anything abnormal at the time "because I would have otherwise taken more photos, since I was even carrying a 500 mm telephoto lens which could have been used for greater detail. I only just found out about the object when I developed the roll." He checked the silde and the other exposures to insure that it wasn't a defect in the film. He found no abnormalities.

The image shows the pampa, the Andean cordillera on a clear day, and toward the upper left, a rhomboidal opaque form tilted to the left. Says the photographer: "calculating the distance of the object and the proportions, it must have been 10 meters in diameter."

In a few days he plans to upload the photo and others to :http://www.fotosdechile.com/

He did not notice the object in the sky when he took the photo.


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Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
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