June 30th 2004

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
July 1, 2004

DATE: June 30, 2004

CHILE: More UFOs Over Punta Arenas

Drivers halted their vehicles to get a better look at the phenomenon

Strange object paralyzed residents of Punta Arenas

The object was seen at first light at Tres Puentes, to the north of the city

A colored sphere crossed the southern skies. Experts say it could be a planet or optical illusion

A luminous sphere sailed slowly across the skies over Punta Arenas as it changed colors, bringing the capital city of the 12th Region to a standstill. Many drivers pulled over their vehicles to observe the strange phenomenon, resulting in traffic jams and causing people to be late to work. Others chose to climb nearby hills to get a better view.

Local radio station "Radio Polar" began getting calls from its listeners at around 6 a.m., reporting the strange unidentified object. Some even said the object had been visible for five days in a row. "A gentleman phoned in from Tres Puentes, in the north, saying that there was a light that shone intensely. This was the first call at aroung 6:30 a.m.. Then people kept calling," says Claudio Vidal. "People spent a long time watching the phenomenon. Folks working at the fisheries phoned in, and since they usually get home before dawn, they said that the light has been seen over that same area for five days straight," Vidal added.

"It's highly unusual," remakrs Alfredo Vera, Radio Polar's announcer. Vera was given the task of following the object and reported his experiences in three morning dispatches. He also managed to photograph the spehre from the Soņadores Lookout, where a large contingent of earlybirds had gathered to discuss the sighting. "The were startled, because the luminosity was quite intense and the object moved slowly. They said that it couldn't be something like Jupiter, which could be the nearest thing to it, "says Vera. The journalist added: "It didn't scare me, but I did get goosebumps, because it was very weird."

In order to worsen his doubts, the initial photos taken did not come out. "Out of 14 I managed to recover 4. It's remarkable that when I focus on the object, I see an image that resembles a chewing gum from a Christmas Tree, but then it fades and is replaced by a point of light. The photo shows a burning ball, something red, green, blue, " he explained.

Despite the sensation caused by this sighting, experts from the General Office of Civilian Aeronautics (DGAC) say it could be "a star or an optical phenomenon created by light refraction."

Translation (c) 2004 Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Special thanks to Liliana Nunez O.

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