October(?) 2004

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 17, 2004

SOURCE: El Mercurio de Chile (www.mercuriovalpo.cl)
DATE: Friday, October 15, 2004

***Ufologist Rodrigo Fuenzalida to visit Valparaiso to conduct research.****
***UFO experts will arrive in Valaparaiso to study a series of claims involving UFOs in our region***

According to Andrés Rives, a UFO imagery expert and computer operator for a major local organization, the image taken by photojournalist Manuel Aguirre "is not the reflection of some object. I dismiss the possibility of any light effect or reflection. It is an independent source of light."

The expert said that we are facing something very strange and intriguing. "It appears to be a distant nocturnal light (NL). Upon cleaning it with computer filters, the lights stand out. By manipulating the photo a little, we realize that the object has a rhomboidal shape. Objects like this have been seen in Russia, Mexico and the USA."

Interest in the photographs published by "El Mercurio de Valaparaiso" this week, showing an alleged UFO in the hills, is still evidenced by ufologists. Christian Riffo, president of OVNIVISION, stated yesterday that the images "were amazing" and that we were facing a major news story.

He said that research will continue on the photos obtained by photojournalist Manuel Aguirre in order to discard any light effect or the accidental effect of the camera flash employed to photograph "the spaceship".

TVN's morning program--"Buenos dias a todos"--hosted Rodrigo Fuenzalida, sociologist and director of the Ufological Investigations Group (AION, in Spanish), who presented this case to the country, arousing the curiosity of the show's staff.

The expert stated that the alleged UFO is not a "light reflection" or the reflection of a luminous object. "In conversation with the photo editor and the protagonist himself, the possibility of manipulation as part of a hoax has been dismissed. However, the theory of a lens flare or a possible reflection of some source of light was discussed."

"The problem," he continued, "arises when we search for luminous sources in a manner symmetrical to the alleged UFO. But we beleive that the contribution of researching the site where the events occurred will shed more definite light on this new ufological problem," said Fuenzalida at his website, www.aion.cl.

AION's leader shall travel to Valparaiso tomorrow with his team to investigate the event "on site".

The ufologist explained that engineers and designers with the GraphMedia corporation have made some approximations to the phenomenon using computer filters, generating interesting data on the body in question."

The sequence of filters created by engineer Miguel Cueto contribute some interesting information: they show a body that does not resemble any of the structures that exist in the area.

Photo of alleged craft over Valparaiso

Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales. Special thanks to Liliana Núñez O.


The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 20, 2004

SOURCE: www.aion.cl
DATE: October 19, 2004


After having met with the author of the photographs obtained on Sunday, October 10 from Paseo 21 de Mayo in this city, and having replied exactly -- under the same conditions of time, location, camera employed and accessories -- we can state with absolute certainty that the Valaparaiso "UFO" was nothing more than unfortunate sequence of reflections.

The foregoing is stated based on a series of interviews of the parties involved, observations of the image and subsequent visits to the exact site at which the photos were taken.

In order to verify the information, we held a meeting on 10.14.04 at 16:20 hrs. with photographer Manuel Aguirre from "El Mercurio de Valaparaiso", author of the images, and after having seen them for over 20 minutes on a computer we realized that some small lights appear on the first three images taken. This heightened doubts on the actual presence of this phenomenon over the hills of Viņa del Mar (at the Nueva Aurora sector, as had been claimed) and rather confirmed the interpretation of the event as a reflected luminous event.

In order to dispel all doubt, we decided to meet on Thursday the 14th at the exact site from where the images were taken and at the same time: we reached Paseo 21 de Mayo in Valparaiso at 20:00 hrs to begin the photo session under the same original conditions, which is to say, using the same photo camera and its accessories, the same location, same time ( (20.26 and 20.27 hrs. and landscape (Esmeralda School Ship in Molo de Abrigo).

After having taken the first photos, our original suspicions were fully confirmed. A "flotilla" of UFOs appeared in the environs of the location in question. All pointed to the published photos being little more than "lens flares" -- in other words, reflections of luminous objects against the camera lens--something that isn't new, but on the contrary very common, in many cases involving so called nocturnal lights and daytime disks.

We wish to thank the professionalism and integrity of Manuel Aguirre, the author of the images, in accepting the visual error, given that from the start he defended them strongly, leaving those interested in the subject even more confused. His concern in clarifying the case, as well as to provide us with his time for doing so, are signs of his acknowledgement of the incorrect interpretation. This is worthy of admiration and respect.

We therefore request yet again taht anyone who is a witness or protagonist to such an event comply with formal research procedures to avoid confusing the community (whether pro or against ufology) given that similar events produce a negative image of those who wish to ascertain the truth about the subject.

Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Enrique Silva and Victor Vial, AION.

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales for granting permission to use these articles.


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