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UFO Sighting Report - China

December 5th or 12th 2008 : Bund, Shanghai

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Shanghai

Date: December 5th or 12th 2008

Time: 9:00pm approx

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: Perfectly round

Weather conditions: Almost unclouded sky

I had a 'UFO' sighting Shanghai China, 1.5 years ago. 3 perfectly round pumpkin orange (not bright) colored motionless disks in the sky. They were arranged in a perfect triangle. Each had a Diameter of around 10m.

It was around 9pm almost unclouded sky. These colored disks did stay there around 5 minutes, then they were slowly covered by a little cloud. The cloud passed, this took around 2 minutes. After disappearance of the small cloud, the disks were gone. ~ 500m, because above clouds the disks appeared a little elliptic, the background was light blue similar as the clouds are shown (see below) because it was around 9pm (Friday 5th or 12th, December 2008 location Shanghai City Pudong at the Bund, beside Yangpu River could not be laser light, as there was nothing to reflect those the sky was crystal clear, light blue grey the cloud covered it, so the lights were not projected from below it could have been balloons, but how can they disappear after 3 min, exactly when the cloud was passing for 2-3 min????

Maybe white balloons in very high attitude, so the sunlight did make it shine orange?? But around 9-9:30pm there isn't any more sun at all.

And in fact also the clouds would have a orange complexion then?. They were above the clouds, because they were completely covered by the cloud..not partially or fading.

The lights had a very special colour. Not bright at all, like a funny pastel pumpkin like orange. Funny also that there were a thousand people around and no one noticed it, except my friend and me.

We were sitting in an Italian coffee shop, there were trees but my friend and me were not sitting under the trees and my friends position was exactly facing in direction, where the objects, or lights appeared. He did just say to me: hey- I think there is a UFO.

I have never seen something like that before and I do believe it was something unusual- we both did feel a little bit irritated, so not even thinking for a second to try to take a picture with our mobile phones.

UFOINFO Note: I am not sure the image below is 100% accurate but that is the way the different elements displayed when received by e-mail. They also contain part of the text description from above.

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Diagram of sighting

UFOINFO thanks Paul Stonehill for forwarding this report.