San Jose

January 13th 2006

San Jose City - Many Eyewitnesses To UFO Sighting

Date: January 13, 2006

Message: Dear Sir

Four days ago and today again there were some strange lights, like stars in the middle of the sky, about 13H00 local time this Friday. TV and thousands of people looked at them. Some say they had movement. I saw the lights but didn't see any movement. No official explanation in the media.

Additional Information:

Brian, Yesterday night some government official said the so called UFO, seen by thousands over San Jose City about 13H00 Friday 13, was in fact some meteorological stuff, a balloon or so. The same explanation was given for similar lights seen five days ago in the same area of Costa Rica.

The TV journalists remembered that, anyway, many UFO cases were reported in the last years here. Maybe you know about the big UFO in Coter lake, north of CR, whose picture was taken without realizing - a big disc with half of it under water - by a plane making photos for mapping the country. I am not expert in this things, but if you want I will look for some body to inform you properly about Costarican UFOs.

By the way, mother and a sister saw, and another person of the town also saw the two egg shaped metallic looking objects about 16H30 local time, this took place some 20 years ago in Quesada, 100 km north of San Jose. Still under the light of the sun, things were playing, jumping and moving, over a grass camp for cows, until they flew up and away. In the very same area, about 55 years ago some children said they had seen the "Virgin Mary", surrounded by light and about 30 years ago a farmer called the Red Cross and firemen because "a plane in flames" had crashed in his farm. Not a single hair of Virgin Mary or piece of the plane were found never.

A few kilometers from this place some friends of mine told me the dogs barked a lot one night. Next day they went to the cows and found a circle about 10 meters of grass burned. No explanation.

This place is not far from Arenal volcano, which exploded in 1968 after centuries of sleeping. Also there, since months before de huge explosion, neighbors of La Fortuna town saw many strange lights moving over the cone shaped volcano.

Thank you to the person for this information.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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