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UFO Sighting Report - Croatia

July 15th 2007 : Loviste, Peljesac Peninsula

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Loviste, Croatia

Date: around the 15th of July at 10PM

Approach Direction: Approaching from the North-East

Departure Direction: Leaving towards North-East

Witness Direction: We could see the object directly in front of us maybe 3-4 km of distance from the beach.

Description: It arrived really fast in a red color, then moved really fast towards South-East changing its color to green and returned to North-East changing it color to purple. Then is disapeared.. It was clearly not an airplane or helicopter beacause it was moving really fast and moved just like en UFO.

Color/Shape: Red then green then purple.. Oval.

Height & Speed: 2-3 KM of height and it was really fast, 4 to 5 times faster then an airplane to my opinion.

TV/Radio/Press: No, it was seen in a little village on the coast line of Peljesac.