Pygra, Nicosia

October 28th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Pygra, Nicosia, Cyprus

Date: 1.30 am, Fri October 28th

Approach Direction: North East

Departure Direction: stayed there behind tree slightly more westerly. didnt see it go away

Witness Direction: north East

Description: Dogs barking at it alerted me to something as it was 1.30 in the morning. On investigation to see what they were barking at I noticed a bright light coming towards me which then stopped and hovered. With binoclours I could see it was a triangle shaped object with amber, green and white lights. Moving erraticly left and right back and forth. Hovering there observed by me for 45 mins. On trying to video it with powerful zoom, the camera wouldnt operate. Checked the camera in other parts of sky and house and it operated perfectly, but wouldnt let me video the object. It went behind the tree which was just to the right in a more westerly direction, and stayed there.

Color/Shape: triangle, with amber, green and white lights

Height & Speed: unable to tell height, but speed was like that of an aircraft coming into land. Didnt see it depart.

TV/Radio/Press: No, but asked military to check if seen anything on their radar or if they had any military aircraft, balloons, etc in sky that night and they hadnt.


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