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UFO Sighting Report - Cyprus

September 9th 2007 : Potamos Germasogeia, Limassol

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Potamos Germasogeia, Limassol, Cyprus

Date: 09/09/2007, GMT +2, around 1am

Approach Direction: west

Departure Direction: east

Witness Direction: north

Description: It happend on Sunday 09/09/2007 at 1am. That night my girlfriend and I were lying down on sunbeds staring at the stars that night.

After a while I sat on the sunbed looking and talking to my girlfriend when behind her over the rooftop I saw a circular irregular light moving quite fast. By the time I told her about it, it was already 45° on my right. She saw it as it was reappearing behind a building and finally it disappeared again behind trees. It moved quite fast and at constant speed along a east to west straight line.

Color/Shape: Circular shape lighten irregularly and not lighten in the center. We noticed aswell a linear shape not lighten pointing at the ground. Color of light was basic yellow/orange. As I've already been gathering information about ufo I found what we've seen was quite similar to the dropa stone and the objects seen on Nasa STS 75 video. My girlfriend agreed on the likeness when I showed her.

I'm computer graphist so if it can be of any interest I can try to draw and animate it. Just ask.

Height & Speed: We can't define the distance and height as there was no information to estimate that properly. Nevertheless it appeared about 20° above the horizon line. Speed depends on the distance. Considering it was just behind the trees I estimate the object diameter to 1-2 meters and speed would have been around 200-300km/h. But my personnal guess would situate it further than that and so bigger and faster. Absolutely no noise came with it and there was no noise around us at that time. Speed was constant and movement was very clean and linear ( not chaotic at all)

TV/Radio/Press: Haven't heard about report yet. I don't speak the local language so it's not easy to understand the newspaper and tv news but I'll keep on investigating to find out. It would be weird not to find a report as it was above an highway approximately and around here on a saturday night there's a lot of people outside.

Finally, sorry for my english (it's not my native langage as well).