Hagnäs, Helsinki

July 6th 2005

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Dear Sir:

I am a Finnish/Swedish author of UFO-books. That is my native language is Swedish although I am living in Finland.

I started to publish articles about UFOs already in the 1960's, that is 40 years ago, in the Finnish newspapers and made some TV- appearances already at that time.

I have written many books, for instance 5 books about ships a long time ago, and 6 books about UFOs. These UFO- books are written first in Swedish and after that translated into Finnish by myself.

Three of them have been published by UFO-Finland in Finnish.

One of them has been published in Finnish by a smaller publisher.

One of these books (UFOs and astronomers) has been translated into English and we are at this moment looking for a publisher for it.

My UFO-books are available also on CD-ROM and I update them almost daily. The list of references is common for all my UFO-books and runs today up to 884 references and will soon run up to 1000 references because I have a lot of unread books here still at my home.

Please visit my website www.kolumbus.fi/b.borg One CD-ROM containing all my books has been sent to CUFOS.

I also write book recensions for UFO-Finland and there is on their homepage at this moment almost 300 book recensions by me. Please visit UFO-Finland's homepage www.ufofinland.org ( Please click the word ' kirjat' and ' kirjaesittelyt' ).

The reason for me writing this letter is the following:

I have hesitated for almost one year to tell about my observation 2005, but I now decided to tell about it because I have not been able to figure out what I saw:

In the summer 2005 my daughter had got a job in a small island situated in the Helsinki archipelago. Every now and then she called me and asked me to send her something she needed. This was done by going to the taxiboat, or waterbus as we call it, which was in service between the island and the city.

On the 6th of July 2005 I was sitting on a bench by the Hagnäs- quay waiting for the taxiboat to arrive at 4.45 PM.

In front of me was the sea, or rather the sea which at this point was narrowing to a canal. To my left was the open sea and to my right the canal.

It was a little before the taxiboat arrived, punctually as usual, I noticed to my right, in the direction of the railway station (that is southwest from me) that somebody had lost a balloon, I could see the balloon working it's way upwards. I use the word ' working ' on purpose, as it really seemed to be ' working ' it's way upwards, the same way a bottle filled with air ' works ' it's way upwards from the bottom of the sea. You know, it sways a little from here to there, it does not go completely straight up. However, I did not pay much attention to the balloon, although I wondered who had such a balloon at this time of the summer. Usually people have big balloons around May 1st.

When I first noticed the balloon it was about 1 kilometer from me.

I now looked in the other direction out to the sea but as the taxiboat not yet was in sight, I decided to watch the balloon.

To my great surprise I saw that the balloon now was following the canal and coming in my direction. It was not very high up in the air ( I think). To my right there was a 7-storey hotel and it seemed to me that the balloon was at a high which was twice the high of the hotel ( that would be 14 stories up).

I also noticed that there was a very strong wind from the north. The wind was so strong that the flags outside the hotel stood right out from the flagpoles. The wind hit the balloon at the balloon' s left side, but did not seem to affect the balloon in any way. As the balloon came nearer me I saw it was completely black, the size was about a 10 eurocent coin at arm's length when it was nearest me. It was a black ball but there was no rotor, no wings, no wheels, no lights and no sound. It was just a round black ball and it flew on a very steady course. However, a couple of times it seemed to slow down to almost a standstill and thereafter again gain speed. The speed was that of an ordinary helicopter.

But in the front of the black ball there was a narrow faint ray of light which had the form of a deal plank. The light extended in the front of the ball about 3- 4 times the size of the ball.

When the ball was level with me, but still over the canal, it changed direction in an sharp arc, almost 90 degrees, and started to come directly towards me.

As the ball came directly towards me ( from the 12 o'clock direction) I noticed that the sun was in the 1 o' clock direction from my viewpoint.

I watched the ball as it came nearer me. My bench was placed exactly under a tree and as the ball was exactly above me I lost sight of it because of the tree.

I hurried up from the bench and took a few steps away from the bench. This took a couple of seconds but when I again looked up in the sky I could not find the ball again where I supposed it to be. I looked to my left and to my right but could not see the ball anywhere and I could not understand where it had gone. Then I turned around.

Behind me there was a 6-storey apartment house and above that house there was, hanging in the air a big red light, which looked like a very big rear light of an american car (you know a round very big red light). This red light was 1,5 times the size of the black ball and behind this red light I could see some construction which was white, the same white as a refrigerator. I could not see the shape of the white construction because of the red light in front of it, I just saw that there was ' something white' behind the red light.

As I watched, the red light now started to move northward, that is towards the strong wind and accelerated, and like the black ball earlier, also this red light once slowed down to almost a standstill, after which it accelerated again and vanished behind the roof of the house.

A couple of minutes after the sighting the taxiboat arrived punctually as always at 4:45 PM o' clock.

Helsinki has two airports, and after arriving home I called both of them. The smaller one told me of some helicopters working east of Helsinki on the new harbour project, but they were too far away. Anyway I know how helicopters look like.

The International airport told me about two airplanes approaching Helsinki airport from the south at about the time of my sighting, but when I next week again was waiting for that same taxiboat, I studied the airplanes arriving from the south, and they did not fly over Helsinki, but east of Helsinki and a long way from the place of my sighting.

So there I am.

I have no idea of what it was I saw. I have no idea of why I lost sight of the black ball. Was there only one object or two different objects?

Not until I am writing this, almost a year later, the idea hits me that the black ball perhaps entered the red light? I do not know.

Having red a lot of UFO-books I wondered if I could find any other description of the same kind of red light and I found something like it in Harley Rutledges book ' Project Identification. '

But of course I can not start reading all books again looking for red lights.

I have also wondered if the black ball first seemed black because the sun was behind it and I saw the shadow side. When I saw the red light and something white behind it, perhaps I saw the sunny white side. But that does not explain the big red light. Or was the red light some kind of a reflexion?

But I am interested in one thing: Is there any other sighting which reminds of my sighting?

I should be very happy to know.

And I repeat: It was NOT a helicopter.

I reported my sighting to UFO-Finland the very same day but told them not to tell anybody about it.

Kind regards
Björn Borg
Somerovägen 8 L 118
00550 Helsinki


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