August 5th 2003

St Tropez, France

Date: August 5, 2003
Time: 11:30 a.m.

Hi Brian

Well The picture I sent you was taken on the 5th of August 2003 at about 11.30 am in St Tropez. Now I know its now April 2004 but its the first time I have looked at the photo's. The story began two weeks ago when I was taking some photo's of chemtrails outside my house. When I returned home I was looking at the photo's and noticed a dark object in the sky above the chemtrail (picture included). As I zoomed into the picture it appeared to be unidentified. Well as you zoom into the picture there seems to be a figure of eight around the dark object, similar to an energy field. Well this was the first thing I had caught on film so I was very excited and called my brother In law who then came round to look at the image. He said he would check all his photo's to see if he had anything similar on film. He called me and said he had unidentified things on a number of pictures he had taken on our previous holiday last year in France. Its only then that I decided to look through the pictures I had on the same holiday. I know this sounds strange but all I had done is flick through the photo's and think nothing of it. I used an ordinary 35mm camera on this holiday and had the photo's developed and printed, as well as put on a CD rom. Well last week is the first time I have looked at the CD rom and I cannot believe what I saw, which is the photo I first emailed you. I can say that when I was taking the photo's I noticed nothing, and at the times I was taking pictures of other things

I have included the first picture which triggered me looking at all my photo's. This one was taken on the 4th of April at 10.30 a.m. outside my house with a digital camera I have now purchased. You need to look above the trail and zoom in

If you want anymore pictures please let me know as me and brother in law seem to have a collection.

I have included a picture that was taken last year while on holiday in the South of France with my family. I only looked at the photo on the digital disk last week because of a strange object my brother in law has on multiple photo's he took while on holiday with me. To my amazement there seems to be nine objects in the sky at the same time. I can say that when the photo was taken I noticed nothing unusual because I was concentrating on taking a good shot of the boat in the picture. I have included it in this email and I have others with strange things in the sky if you are interested.

I have the original shot in print and the negative. This is no hoax and to be honest I was quite alarmed when I first saw the pictures I am willing to supply the negatives for further analysis

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/france/030805.shtml