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UFO Sighting Report - France

June 2006 : Near Saint Tropez

South of France Near Saint Tropez An Unusual Experience ?

June 2006
Time: Afternoon

Hi, This is difficult to explain. I was in my office - my wife running in and breathless. She said "come outside and look" So what we saw here in the South of France (near Saint Tropez) is somewhat as follows.

It was a cloudy day with only a few blue little spots here and there. Dark grey clouding and no wind. Now imaging a transparent glass balloon of about 1 Kilometer diameter. So there is nothing to see, but this balloon passes through the clouds slowly but not very slowly. I would say 3 minutes from horizon to horizon in one straight line.

The line was parallel to the general coast line/direction from Marseille to Nice. Behind the "balloon" the cloud is gone and you see the blue sky. You see clearly the amazing round aspect of the beginning of this tunnel which is created. Like slowly with a transparent pingpongball through the creme. (Creme is that English)

The object doing it must have been massive and invisible, but it could also have been an experiment of the French Airforce with a giant laser evaporating the clouds. But with a laser you have not much concave imprint at the fore_side you slowly see moving.

It's almost the opposite of a chem trail but not misty - It's is if with a knife through the butter. Their was no wind and even an hour later you saw slowly half of the trail or tunnel which was filled up again, but you could still see there had been something. Compared with the many planes we have here, the size was 10 times the size of a Boeing. Thanks for listening.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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