May 1984/2984

Sainte Maxime, South Of St. Tropez Enormous Black Ellipsoid Shaped Craft

Date: May - Either 1983 or 1984
Time: 9:00 p.m.- 10 p.m.

Strange how some things can haunt you. I was browsing the Internet the other day with a search for 'UFO St Tropez' because I had a strange experience in that area about twenty years ago.

I was camping in the Ste Maxime area with family and we were walking back to our pitch one splendid May evening having bought some ice-cream at Port Grimaud. I turned to speak when my attention was drawn up to the sky.

It was between 9:00 p.m.- 10 p.m. and the sky was a velvety black, filled with a myriad of twinkling stars. The air was very clear and it was a cloudless evening. I suddenly became aware of something traveling across the sky at an incredibly high speed. What was so strange was the fact that there was nothing to see. Rather, a large proportion of the sky was filled by something that itself was blacker than the sky, and where it was moving, the stars were no longer visible. I called to everyone to look up at the sky to see what I was seeing, and a few of the party had the merest glimpse of what was moving there. My sighting lasted only a few seconds until the shape disappeared over the horizon.

That black shape moving across the sky had been huge, filling about a quarter of my vision of the sky. It formed a perfect ellipsoid. It was silent. You would not have known anything was there had it not been that the stars behind it were hidden from view as it passed and that it was blacker in outline than the blackness of the sky.

I have never been able to explain this experience and there are no records on the internet that I have

come across of similar sightings from twenty years ago. I sometimes wonder if I really did see something - but I know I did, and the experience still haunts today because I expect to go to my grave never really knowing what I saw that night.

It was certainly more spectacular than the 'black dot' in the photograph of the boat at the harbour in St Tropez taken on 05/08/2003!

Additional Information:

Dear Brian

I am amazed that you replied so quickly to my email of this morning! I just though it would be filed away and forgotten about . . .

My memory of the sighting is in so many ways vivid, though the day and year are not clearly remembered! It was either 1983 or 1984 and the month was definitely May. I was on holiday with my Mother and Father, and we were having an evening stroll with some friends we had made at the camp site. There were about six or seven of us in total returning from purchasing ice-creams! To answer your questions:

Q. - (Name removed) did the object travel in a straight line, or did it make any unusual movements as it traveled over head ?" and "Can you remember from which direction it came from and heading to ?"

A. - It moved in a straight line, and checking a map, from west to east. There was no erratic movement.

Q. - "At the time of the sighting, did you or anyone else in your party observe any aircraft, ? Or were aircraft seen following the event ?"

A. - There were no aircraft that I can remember. The only light came from the stars.

Q. - "I understand it was a dark night, but I was wondering were you able at anytime to observe any other detail on the object ? Any light coming from it, even if just dim."

A. - This is the detail that interests me the most. If it was not for the fact that it was blacker than the dark of the sky, and blocked the view of the stars filling the heavens, you would never have known anything was flying by! No lights. Totally silent. No air displacement. From west to east across the horizon in about three seconds.

Q. - "Do you believe the object was high up in altitude ? If so, or not, would you be able to make a wild guess as to the height it was from you ?"

A. - Difficult to say. But it was certainly huge and I guess between 10,000 feet - 20,000 feet in altitude. However, I often wonder if it was in orbit . . . and so really huge. The angle it traveled across the horizon makes me think it was not so high in the sky.

Q. - "Is there anyway you might be able to make a rough drawing of what things looked like that evening and of course the craft itself and email it to me ?"

A. - Other than saying there was an enormous black ellipsoid shape that a quarter filled the sky and moved from west to east at high speed, I could not add to anything with a drawing. My IT skills are not up to it!

I'm afraid that I cannot ask anyone else to add to this account. Those with me on that evening are now either dead, or did not see as clearly as I did because by the time their attention was drawn to it, the shape was gone. However, they all registered that they had been aware of something, but they were so busy talking at the time that it was not memorable enough for them. Only I, by turning to speak as I was walking ahead, saw the shape come from the distant horizon and disappear within a few seconds. They just caught a glimpse of something. If I had not turned round at the time, I would not have seen anything at all. Maybe that is the whole point . . . no-one was expected to see anything at all.

With best wishes.

Thank you very much to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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