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UFO Sighting Report - French Polynesia

May 16th & 20th 2009 : Pacific Ocean

Location: Pacific Ocean near French Polynesia

Dates: May 16th & 20th 2009

UFOINFO Email Report

Dear Mr. Hayes, This past May I sailed a 36' sloop from San Diego, CA to Hiva Oa, Marquesas over the course of 25 days. Several years ago aboard another boat I was sailing from Hawaii to Tahiti we experienced similar lights and green meteorite sightings at the equator and just South of it.

13May' 09 ~1200local (-2PST) 1461 nm from San Diego- We're half way to Hiva Oa, sailing downwind @6.5 knots.

17May' 09 1145local (-2PST) N03d49.5m x W129d57.7m- We appear to have left the ITCZ (doldrums) behind us to the North after days of switching between sails and engine. We are currently sailing a broad reach at ~6knots 229nm from the equator. The nights have been spectacular the past few nights. Orion to the West at sunset, Saturn dancing like a disco ball, Jupiter in the early morning to the east. Arcturus heading North as we dip South. Polaris lost in the horizon clouds. Mars and Venus dancing together in the pre-dawn morning. Scores of meteors and satellites. Last night I viewed my first UFO (unidentified floating/flying object). I was just relieving Hans on watch. We were sailing a course of 190d mag. at 5.5-6knots. At 2030 local (PST-2) Hans and I simultaneously witnessed the faint glow of a white light just above the horizon due South of us. As we were both looking at it the faint white light did one powerful searchlight sweep from West to East and then disappeared. We fired up the radar and kept an eye out ahead of us for the next hour but didn't see any indication of a ship, or anything else.

19May' 09- ~N00d0.m x W132d0.0m- We crossed the equator into the Southern hemisphere this evening at 17:30 (PST-2). Although they had never done it before, Hans and Erica weren't interested in doing the King Neptune ceremony. Instead we took a bunch of pictures, ate a chocolate cake that Erica baked as part of a belated birthday celebration and had a few sips of wine (our only alcohol during the entire 25 day passage).

20May' 09- Although the boat appears to be fit and sound there is a lot of strangeness happening around here on this long dark night. As I relieve Hans on watch at 2100 (local, PST-2) he tells me that he just saw a bright spherical light (5 meters in diameter) appear and wink out in the water, directly in front of the boat. In the next few hours I see more green meteors than I have ever seen before. Normally I see yellow/orange meteors/metiorites, but every third or four one tonight glows green as it falls through the sky. Several times I also see white lights moving around the sky the way that meteors, satellites and airplanes don't. I see one white light flash at the top of a dark cumulus cloud 10-15 miles West of us. Very strange. Then it gets even more strange. First, I have to qualify this by saying I am quite used to seeing interesting hallucinations, especially when I am tired at sea. I enjoy these hallucinations and I know that they are hallucinations. The ones I see are always based on something that is real seen in a different way such as dancing trees, breathing waves, rolling or pulsing clouds.

With an hour left on my watch I had settled down and wedged myself in the cockpit, listening to some music on my I-pod (one eared to keep a listen for the boat). I was looking down at the lit up rectangular white screen on the I-pod and when I looked up I saw a face looking back at me through the lifelines imediately next to the boat. A big round wrinkled leathery brown face about a foot in diameter with large round yellow/brown eyes, two large flat nostrils and a very small mouth. It looked like what I would imagine ET' s dad looks like but rounder head not as elongated. I only saw it for a moment as the boat took a hard wave from port and rolled into a trough of luminescent spray over the spot where the face was. I have no idea what was going on here as I have never had hallucinations of things that are not there at all. I was well rested and Erica had done a marvelous job of feeding us well. Maybe it was the Indian curry spices acting up or bored Frenchies teasing us with their submarines in this desolate part of the ocean. I don't know. And what I don't know concerns me. So John, have you heard of of any similar stories on the ocean, especially in the Southern Pacific out of the established shipping lanes? Most sincerely, ~Kai

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