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UFO Sighting Report - Germany

July 8th 2007 : Otterbach

Location: Otterbach, Germany about 5 Kilometers outside Kaiserslautern and about 10 miles from Ramstein AFB.

Date: 07/08/2007 0003 Local time.

Approach Direction: Approaching East

Departure Direction: West

Witness Direction: West

Description: It was almost exactly midnight. I was in bed and turned to face away from the TV and towards the west which is a sliding glass door. I was about to close my eyes when I saw a Bright red light to the left of a Tree in my back yard. It was about 5000-6000 ft in the air. It was very bright which is why it caught my eye. I watched it moving towards my direction (east). My husband is stationed at Ramstein AFB and we live about 10 kilometers away (east of). Because it was midnight, I thought it strange because they have Quiet hours here. No Aircraft can fly without a waiver past 2200. When I stood up to take a closer look I noticed another bright light behind it. I moved to the left of the door and saw that it was being followed by atleast 6 or 7 other Bright Red lights. I'm Prior Air Force and my job was an Air Traffic Controller. I've seen plenty of ACFT and helicopters during my career. The light coming from these objects was quite different from the blinking lights on ACFT, not to mention, it was only one light. They were about a mile apart from each other, directly behind one another. I woke my husband to look. We thought maybe it was flares. But flares lose altitude and fizzle out..these were not doing that. We went outside, it was a beautiful clear night. No noise. I live in a small village about 5 kilometers away from a major road (270) and about 7 Kilometers away from the A6 (Audubon). You could of heard a pin drop outside. I thought maybe they were helicopters until we realized there was no noise being ommitted from them. I see planes and helicopters all the time during the day. You can hear them from a couple of miles a way. I tried to take a picture but my batteries were dead. I hurried up to get dressed so I could go to the front of the house. When I got to the front, they were gone. I can see pretty far in all directions from the front of my house...I was baffled.

This morning I called Ramstein's SP's (police) and I was the only one who had reported anything. They had no idea what I was talking about. I called Vogelweh Air Base MP's, same story there. (Vogelweh is about 6 kilometers to the south west of us). I called Ramstein's Command Post to see if any planes were flying. They had no record and no one had reported anything to them either. I was transferred to Public affairs where they filed my "report". I've never seen anything like it.

Color/Shape: Bright Red Light I couldn't see any shape behind the light.

Height & Speed: Not very fast, not slow. I watched them for about 5 minutes. Maybe the speed of a Helicopter or a little faster.

TV/Radio/Press: I have no idea...I don't have German Cable.