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UFO Sighting Report - Germany

February 28th 2009 : Hamburg

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Date: February 28 2009

Time: 12.50 until 1.30 am

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: 2 concentric counters of rotating lights

Weather Conditions: Slightly cloudy

Description: Me and my wife came from south Germany going north on the autobahn. Just east of Hamburg going towards Berlin and Lubeck, my wife spotted these rotating lights on our right side. I slowed down our speed since I could not believe what we saw. My wife opened the window and kind of invited it in to her talking to it and saying hallo, come come and it seemed like it came very close, maybe 50-100 meters.

I decided to take the next exit since it seemed like the object followed us. This location was shortly after we passed the in door ski hall. When we took of the exit the object followed us on our right side just a bit n the front of us, 1 oclock. After driving 2-3 kilometers I decided to pull over and step out in front of the car. My wife stayed in the car. The object came almost directly over me. The lights rotated, stoped and turned around in its rotation. It moved away and came back, still rotating and changing its rotation direction. The inner circle had approx. 5-6 lights rotating the outer circle had probably 20 lights that also rotated.

After we had been there for approx. 15 minutes it seemed that the object was repeating it self, going away and comming back. My wife was very tied and wanted me to come back to the car and go find a hotel. We turned around on the highway and drove west towards Hamburg. The object followed us now it was in our left back side 7 oclock. It followed us all the way into the nearest exit where we saw a hotel. The object was still behind us, we went in to see if we wanted to stay there and decided to go on to Lubeck back on the highway.

When we came back on the highway the object was still there again it followed us at our 1 oclock until we went back on the autobahn towards Lubeck. When we were back on the autobahn the object finally disappeared. The object had no noise to it at all. We kind of felt that it was a light show or something similar to begin with, but after the object had followed us first on the autobahn then on the next highway and then again after stopping stepping out and see it very closely, after approx. 15 minutes turned around and drove approx. 5 kilometers and it was still there it had to be real!! We read your sighting spotted on August 19th 1997 today and we were very happy to hear someone else had seen something very similar then!

We are hoping that other people has seen what we saw, because there was plenty of cars passing us and on the road!!

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