October 1991

Name: Mike

Location: Grafenwohr, Germany

Date: 10/?/91

About 9:00pm

Approach Direction: Over the location of my units position

Departure Direction: Unsure. It just came and went.

Witness Direction: Up

Description: I was stationed in Babenhausen Germany from 89 to 92 my unit was deployed to Grafenwohr on training exercises. I was on guard duty at night when a white line appeared on the horizon. As it advanced over are location it turned into many white star like dots flying side by side with long orange tails like shooting stars only flying in formation

I notified my first seargent and commander after that my entire unit more or less just looked up and watched the show. it took up the entire sky. i asked my commander if he was going to report it. and he said report what im a career man. 140 people in my unit witnessed it. I know other units out there training must have. When we returned to the rear eveyone seemed inclined to let the matter drop. I couldnt it was to huge. I broght it up to the battalion commander when we got back and he advised me that it was also seen in Nurenberg that same night. and that it made the paper. He said if it was anything important the civilians would be all over it. He then advised me to drop the issue. So i did. I am no longer in the service and I would sincerely like to know if anyone in Germany has ever heard of this sighting. It was huge it really blows away the ones you see on t.v.

Color/Shape: White stars flying in a "V" with long orange tails. Grew in size as it came over my unit we watched it go to the horizon and make a sharp turn.

Height & Speed: Extremely high slow approach, slow departure.

TV/Radio/Press: I was told it was thats what id like to find out.

Note: Original report in uppercase - reformatted for easier reading.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/germany/911000.shtml