August 19th 1997

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: E26 motorway from hamburg to Berlin. Germany.

Date: 08/19/1997. Central european time. 21:45.clear dark sky.

Approach Direction: west north west

Departure Direction: east south east

Witness Direction: east south east

Description: i was riding a suzuki gsxr1100 from hamburg to Berlin. Annoyed at having missed a ferry to england i turned back to berlin . I had been living in Berlin since 1995. Riding home i noticed lights in the curved elipse of my crash helmet visor. these were on the left of me, and as i looked briefly up and to the left i saw what i thought was a light show somwhere away from the motorway.

There were three concentric counter rotating circles of of round whites lights at a distance which was impossible to determine. I thought nothing of it, imagining that east german night club culture had finally made it into the sticks. this place was in the middle of nowhere.

This motorcycle is capable of 320 kmh and being rather annoyed at having wasted my time and missed the hamburg to Harwich ferry, i wasn't hanging around and therefore decided it would be wise to refuel at the next opportunity as it had got dark and i didn't know how long the petrol stations on this motorway were open. As i was slowing down for the petrol station exit at Neustadt Glewe (between junction 14 and 15) i looked up to my left again and saw that the lights were still there , parralel to me. It seemed very strange that the lights i had seen 35kms ago in the same position were still in the same place.

As i refuelled my motorcycle i looked in the direction in which i had seen the lights and was rather shocked to see them still there, but now they were hovering but still rotating, still parrallel to me, to my left. Once i had paid, i rode off again, curious (slightly scared) to see what would happen.

As i sped u to 250 kmh i stayed at that speed for about 5 minutes and slowed down to 140kmh and having monitored my left side 10 o'clock position regularly , i observed that it had sped up and slowed down to match my position, always staying at the same position relative to me : left and side 10 o'clock. i regularly slowed down and then sped up to 320kmh for several kilometres all the way back to Berlin. It stayed in the same position all the time, and at no time did i ever hear any noise or sound come from the lights.. not even when i refuelled at a deserted petrol station on a summer evening in the middle of the undeveloped ex east german motorway countryside.

By this time i was under no illusion that this was not something of ours. It accompanied me until i turned off the E26 onto the berliner ring motorway southbound at the Oranienburger Dreieck exit. I did not see it again, and have finally decided to report this as i have looked at all types of media in years since and found no comparisons.

Color/Shape: white lights , counter rotating concentric circles, probably about 40 round white lights in the outer circle.

Height & Speed: unknown

TV/Radio/Press: i have looked but never found it. email me and i'll draw you a picture.

Follow-up Information from Brian Vike:

Hello Brian,

Thanks for taking the time to read my posting. I can't think why I didn't do it sooner, it just never occurred to me, even though I have scoured all the documentaries, cable TV throws up to see if any similar lights have been filmed. It hasn't happened yet. What I saw had no visible craft shape or outline, only saw lights. The lights were a horizontal flat plane, flat above and to my left.

Riding a race type bike where your head is almost lying on the petrol tank at high speeds, it was always to my 10 o'clock position, and always stayed totally level to me. It never made any different movements, apart from stopping parallel to me while I refueled before resuming its position when I pulled away from the petrol station. I did not see any other traffic on the motorway going in my direction for the whole time I saw this.

I have no idea if anyone else saw this, there were no other cars in the petrol station when I refueled and I don't know if the petrol station worker saw it either. I did not mention it to him. As far as altitude goes, the lights looked very clear and sharply defined, perfect white discs of light, so it may have been about 100, 150 meters off the ground and as a guess they were 1, 1.5 meters in diameter. This is only a guess, but it didn't seem like a small thing: strange as that might sound. I don't remember missing any time as such, but then the whole thing seemed so bizarre ( one of those things you think only happen in movies, and "try telling your mates over a beer") that it left a noticeable calm on my mood, introspective yet marveled at the possibilities of something or maybe nothing !

This was silent, no sound at all. Not an airplane, and as far as I know no helicopters fly at 320kmh. ( or silently)

I'll send you a picture of some description as soon as I try using drawing thing.


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