May 26th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Town: Obergriesbach

Date: 05/26/2005 around 19:30h - 19:45h local time

Approach Direction: approaching from west

Departure Direction: departing to east

Witness Direction: faced to south

Description: On this may evening, me (41) and may 14 year old son took a walk in the woods near our house.

After passing the trees and reaching low grass, we looked down the hill into the valley where the village was lit by the slowly disappearing red sun.

We were facing south as suddenly a rapidly moving object passed by.

Although it seemed to move incredibly fast, both me and my son have seen it clearly.

It looked like a kind of cookie or maybe a dish but not as round-shaped. On top of it was bright light, I guess it was the highlights of the sun, although it was nearly dusk.

Since the object was really fast and brightly lit ( either by the sun or by emitting light itself ) I could not observe the exact and detailed topology of the object.

As far as I remember it emitted no sound - all I heard was a gentle buzzing but not as high frequential as the noise of jet engines, but that may have been a car or motobike. My son heard it too but he also cannot definitely state what emitted that noise.

As we realized that the object would quickly leave our field of view, we ran around a group of trees to look in eastern direction, where the object seemed to fly to.

But we were not fast enough, I only saw the object becoming smaller and smaller as it moved away. My son did not see it leaving at all.

On the way back to our house we talked about it and regulary took a look to the sky in case the object would come back - but since then we did not notice anything unusual. The next morning I called the local press and I gave interviews about my observation.

I hope I can find people in our region that noticed the object too.

Color/Shape: -like silvery metal ( very glittering )
-no definable front/back visible
-it was relaively long and wide when compared to its height
-if sound, then some gentle noise/buzz

Height & Speed: My son thinks it flew pretty low, but me, I think it was just fast. It seemed to keep the same height relative to the ground, that made it look like it was following a kind of zigzag course.

TV/Radio/Press: a small report in local press


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