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UFO Sighting Report - Greece

February 19th 2009 : Thessaloniki, Macedonia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Date: February 19 2009

Time: Around 8 pm

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Slightly elliptic disc

Weather Conditions: Broken (fair weather few clouds)

Description: I am writing this on behalf of my friend (aka Stella) who is the actual witness. She is a normal mentally healthy 28 yo young woman, never used any drugs, or any kind of substances, drinks moderatelly on ocassion. No hallucinations history or other mental issues. We both never were interested in UFO related culture before this incident. I myself am a very skeptic and analytic person. I also happen to be extensively involved in aviation and military technology as a hobby since kid and the specific occurrence doesn't fit any published vehicle features, maned or unmaned (UAV / UCAV) that I am aware of.

She was in a taxi on her way home from work. 8 pm last Thursday. This is a one-way main avenue near the sea. 8 pm here in february is night. There was very little traffic on the avenue due to other main streets leading to it being closed for some carnival parade or something. Cars were sparse. From a distance Stells saw some lights above the avenue that she just took for a plane inbound to Thessaloniki airport ("Macedonia").

Thats very usual as a landing route is indeed almost above and along this avenue. What caught her attention though was that the lights were not heading away , but stood still as the taxi was approaching. Also they were more like three whitish-pale yellowish lights circulating .... Then thought could be some helicopter maybe hovering maybe.

The sight was becoming unusual as the taxi was approaching, When close enough it was so peculiar that she couldnt resist her curiosity , At some point she asked the driver to open her window so she could have a better view. She didnt mention it though, (feared of embarrassment, as she wasnt sure, just curious, and because the driver seemed clearly like the kind of person not flexible enough to cooperate, and because they were passing by already, she made en excuse it was too hot in the taxi and needed some air).

And it was then when she slightly sticked her head out the window and looked up, they were directly beneath it, and she saw the underside of the thing ... a somehow elliptic disc looking roughly like the drawings she did that i am sending. It was about the size of two or three average helicopters, looking like dark grey matt metallic, hovering a little higher than the buildings close to a landmark hotel we have here called "Macedonia Palace"and three pale yellowish lights were circulating around it. All totally silent. A small red light right in the center of lighting for a while was the last detail she saw before she had to turn her head back to the taxi to tell the driver to let her off there.

She got shocked that she asked the taxi driver she wanted to get off right there, no (time or conditions for) other explanations. By the time the taxi had to pull aside, get paid and stella getting off, the thing just vanished.

She stayed there for about a quarter and there wasn't any kind of trace of it .... no other pedestrians and just few other passing cars, nobody else seemed to have noticed something .... She then went right away home on foot and draw the thing as the details were still very vivid in her head ....

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