UFO Sighting Report - Greece

Flag of Greece

Arachova, Boeotia

June 2013

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Arachova

Date: June 2013

Time: 22-00 - 22-30 approx

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Not visable

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: Yes

Weather Conditions: Very clear. no clouds

Description: I was sitting on my balcony at night about to take a mouthful of food when I stopped and stared as I thought I saw a star that had been stationary move very slowly horizontally from right to left what seemed a few meters then stop again. I rubbed my eyes as thought I must be imagining it and saw it move again.

It was quite large and white and looked as I said like a star. My husband was also with me but had his back to the star I called to him to turn round to see what I was seeing I said I think that star has just moved really wanting confirmation that I wasn't going crazy. We watched it as it stopped again and then move slowly away. Where we live there is a flight path but the plane come from the opposite direction. We noticed a plane was beginning to approach, the star headed away from us and disappeared.

Three things were strange. It was as bright as a star. We could see no details as it was so bright. Second, It stooped for maybe 2 seconds then moved again but it moved very slowly without any jerking and thirdly it was moving in the wrong direction of normal flight paths.

We thought it could be a helicopter but there was no noise and no spot lights just one big bright light. there was also no flashing red lights.

Additional information:

Sorry, Made some mistakes. I am not sure but came from direction of Delphi. I have a feeling that its not the only time its been around. I thought I have seen a few times something strange usually at sunset as a strange white light low in the sky but I really have no knowlege of the stars and I thought it could be that first star that comes up in the evening and then disappears to the west. Although it attracted my attention. This was weird its the only time it was literally so close and in front of me.

Another incident happened while on holiday in Itea. On the balcony again My husband noticed this first. We were looking up towards the mountain towards Arachova and he said look a UFO. I think he was joking but a light rose up and then as a spark burst of light it disappeared.

I would be interested if anyone else has noticed anything in this area. It's not something that people would talk about here. I would have sent the report earlier but I didn't know this site existed. After hearing Davenport had a site for america. I thought I would just see if Greece had one. Thank you for your time.

Update December 23rd 2013 re. Itea sighting:

Yes, it was in August 2013. I think it was within the first 2 weeks before the 15th. My husband noticed it and I couldn't see it at first but when I managed to see it I saw the flash. He said nothing only thats strange. He doesnt believe in ufos and wont talk about these things so this surprised me.

Oh by the way from Itea you cant see Arachova or Delphi. You have I think the hill where Desfina is and behind that would be Arachova. Obviously there are no lights and the mountains are dark showing only the outlines only.

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